URGENT: Follow Poland's Lead! HALT the cash flow & STOP sending equipment to Ukraine
Biden and his imbecilic administration have, as we all know, begged for and lavished BILLIONS upon Ukraine throughout this war. Just this August, the Biden administration had the audacity to ask Congress for a staggering $40 billion in emergency funds for Ukraine. We MUST HALT the cash flow & STOP sending equipment to Ukraine NOW! 
Now you may have heard, but Poland recently halted sending money and equipment to Ukraine over comments made by President Volodymyr Zelensky at the United Nations after Poland, Hungary and Slovakia extended a ban on Ukrainian grain. 
Let me give a round of applause because good for POLAND! The American people cheer Poland on for their decision to remove themselves from continuing to aid in Ukraine's proxy war! Poland is an example of how it IS possible for countries to remove themselves from aiding in a war that continues to drag on, and the United States not only should but MUST follow suit and stop sending money and equipment to Ukraine!
Why, you may ask? Well… 
In addition to the $40 billion Biden wants to toss Ukraine's way, the Department of Defense (DoD) has announced more security assistance to cater to Ukraine's supposed critical security and defense needs. This marks the forty-sixth batch of equipment handed over from DoD stockpiles to Ukraine since August 2021.
This latest shipment, includes extra air defense gear, artillery munitions, anti-tank weapons (including depleted uranium rounds for previously promised Abrams tanks), and other miscellaneous equipment. The estimated value of this generous package? A cool $175 million.
Let me get this straight... In addition to sending Ukraine a mind-boggling sum of money that the United States clearly doesn't have, thereby exacerbating our crippling debt and fueling inflation, we're also shipping off our own equipment to fuel a war that isn't even our problem?
This reeks of a calculated scheme to dismantle the United States, to leave us economically vulnerable, weaken our military, and obliterate our once-great nation.
Biden's reckless spending, though it may appear moronic on the surface, is undeniably a concerted effort to wreck our economy, plunging us deeper into debt and driving interest rates to unbearable heights. People can hardly make ends meet anymore; the cost of food, housing, electricity, and loans has soared.
And now, Biden is assaulting our military, shipping more equipment overseas, never to return?
He's leading us down the path to utter collapse! He's destabilizing our nation under the guise of foreign aid.
The corruption runs deep, and it must be eradicated. Firstly, we must withdraw from the Ukraine Proxy War immediately, ceasing all further aid, whether it be equipment or money.
Secondly, Biden and his cohorts must face impeachment. They are actively working to destabilize our nation.
Congress, under oath, you swore to defend our nation, uphold the Constitution, and represent the people. The eyes of the American people are upon you. We witness your failure to fortify our nation, root out corruption, and restore our greatness. It's high time to disentangle ourselves from the Ukraine war, HALT the cash flow, STOP sending equipment, and initiate the impeachment process, starting with Biden!