STOP Funding Wars! Congress Do NOT Approve Biden's $105 BILLION Dollar Aid Package! 
On Friday, Biden detailed an aid package to Ukraine and Israel of over $105 Billion that he is requesting for Congress to approve. This is on top of the billions of dollars of aid that has already been sent to Ukraine, and the billions of dollars Israel receives yearly, is 2022, the most recent data was $3.3 billion. Congress must not approve this package, STOP sending money overseas!
As Americans, know that we must put our foot down to saying NO regarding the aid we have sent to Ukraine, but this must also apply to Israel. We cannot participate in more wars, and we cannot afford to send more money overseas. We must tell Congress, do NOT approve Biden's aid package to Ukraine and Israel! Focus on HOME!
Since the war began, the Biden administration and the U.S. Congress has directed more than $75 billion in assistance to Ukraine, which includes humanitarian, financial, and military support, according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, now Biden is asking once more for an even greater package of $105 billion dollars. 
The proposed package will send $61.4 billion to Ukraine, $14.3 billion to Israel, $9.15 billion for aid for Ukraine, Israel, Gaza and other humanitarian needs, $7.4 billion for Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region, and finally $13.6 billion to address border crisis at the US-Mexico border. 
My question is… shouldn't significantly more aid be going towards the border crisis at the US-Mexico border and other domestic crises. We do not have the financial means to send more money overseas, the billions of dollars we send further plunges our nation into debt, and therefore increases the severity of inflation that is already spiraling out of control. STOP sending money overseas, STOP funding wars, FOCUS on Domestic issues! 
Congress cannot continue to approve more money to be sent overseas, we cannot afford to fund two wars, we should not even be funding ONE! Congress needs to know that the people demand they reject Biden's current proposed aid package, they MUST NOT fund more wars! It’s time to focus on home issues, we can no longer tolerate placing the crises our nation is facing on the back burner, they need to be the very first issues Congress addresses.