Lloyd Austin MUST Resign - Austin Had Another Medical Emergency, We Need Leadership We Can Rely On…
Last month, news outlets reported breaking news that Lloyd Austin, the United States Secretary of Defense, was hospitalized for an elective procedure. He neither informed Joe Biden, his boss, of his absence, nor did he inform the public for several days. Especially in times of turmoil and conflict, Austin should have followed proper protocols to accommodate his leave. Instead, he delegated his responsibilities to the chain of command and failed to communicate his health status when issues arose. Just this past weekend, Austin was admitted again to the critical care unit following bladder complications. While he did inform the press and Joe Biden, his continued health complications in just two months call for his resignation or removal.
Congress should have demanded the immediate removal of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for improper professional conduct and dereliction of duty when he failed to communicate back in January; now they must call for his resignation. We need our top generals to be attentive, present, and able to uphold their office, especially during times of war. We need leadership we can rely on, Austin cannot be relied on, and therefore must resign. 
In a time of war, the responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense are critical and demand strict adherence to proper protocols, effective communication, and unwavering diligence. In January, Secretary Austin failed on all fronts. His decision to delegate responsibilities to the chain of command without timely communication represents a blatant dereliction of duty, putting the efficiency and effectiveness of our nation's defense operations at risk.
Despite public dissent, the United States is currently engaged in multiple conflicts, notably the wars in Ukraine and Israel. Our top generals must be consistently available, capable of working, and on the job at all times.
This leads us to Lloyd Austin's most recent hospitalization. Austin was hospitalized for emergent bladder complications on Sunday. According to spokesman Major General Pat Ryder, Austin was “transported by his security detail to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to be seen for symptoms suggesting an emergent bladder issue.” Austin made the correct decision to communicate this medical emergency and “transferred the functions and duties of the office” to Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks. Pat Ryder “couldn't say,” Because he didn't know what type of medical procedure Austin received, and whether his bladder issue was a complication from his Dec. 22 surgery for prostate cancer or an unrelated matter.
Due to this medical emergency, Austin was forced to cancel a planned trip to Brussels to discuss Aid in Ukraine (which, quite frankly, should be halted indefinitely), and instead will be having the meeting virtually.
Austin’s medical conditions have prevented him from upholding his post twice in less than two months. He has had two medical emergencies thus far and has had to transfer power to the chain of command during these hospitalizations.
The American people deserve leadership that is capable, reliable, and unwavering in its commitment to defending our nation's interests. Secretary Austin's continued presence in office is no longer tenable, and it is time for Congress to hold him accountable for his failure to fulfill his duties. Congress must call for the resignation of Lloyd Austin, as he can no longer uphold his office, has failed in the past to follow proper protocol due to these types of recurring medical emergencies, and can no longer faithfully serve the United States while battling his illness. We the People deserve more, we need leadership we can rely on.