The United States is facing an unprecedented invasion primarily composed of military-aged men from diverse nationalities.
Concerns are rising about the scale and implications of this influx.
Health and National Security Concerns:
Many arriving migrants exhibit poor health conditions and carry various communicable diseases.
Multiple incidents have involved the apprehension of individuals on the terrorist watchlist.
Urgent action is needed to address border security and enhance vigilance against potential threats.
Migrants are obtaining identification cards and driver's licenses without proper identity verification, raising security risks.
Known cartel and gang members commit heinous crimes within the United States.
Concerns arise about military-aged men from adversarial nations crossing the southern border.
The lack of vetting and identification raises fears about their intentions.
Impacts on Veterans and Immigration Scale:
Reports indicate displacement of homeless veterans to accommodate illegal immigrants, sparking outrage.
An estimated 20 million illegal immigrants currently reside within the United States.
The number of individuals entering the southern border has dramatically increased since President Joe Biden took office.
Comprehensive immigration reforms are necessary to address border security and long-term solutions.
Humanitarian Crisis and Exploitation:
Young people are targeted through advertisements, leading to dangerous journeys and trafficking.
Unaccompanied minors are unaccounted for, with reports of exploitation and sexual abuse.
The influx of deadly drugs, such as fentanyl, is a significant concern.
Statistics and Solutions:
An estimated 20 Million illegal foreign nationals reside within the US enough to replace the population of multiple states.
Urgent actions are required, including securing the southern border, completing the wall, and upholding immigration laws.
Intelligence agencies should avoid destabilizing foreign governments, contributing to the reasons people flee.
Taxpayer Funds and Preferential Treatment:
Americans express outrage over tax dollars being misused and given preferential treatment to capable individuals who have not contributed.
The invasion at the southern border presents numerous challenges, including health risks, national security concerns, and humanitarian crises.
Comprehensive immigration reforms, border security measures, and long-term solutions are necessary to address these issues and protect American citizens.