Fellow Conservative,

In Donald Trump’s first month as President, illegal border crossings sharply dropped 40%.

It is amazing what happens when you tell Border Patrol their allowed to do their jobs, isn't it?

This sudden drop, however, is prompting GOP leaders in both the House and Senate to flee from President Trump’s promise to build a border wall.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked point-blank about Mexico paying for the border wall and he responded.

“Uh, no.”

That was literally McConnell’s response.

Here’s a question: Is Mitch McConnell the right choice to lead Senate Republicans?

Uh, no. Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress approve Trump’s wall and replace any ‘leader’ who stands in the way!

Just two. That is all it takes. Two turncoat Republicans siding with the Democrats can cut off the funding.

Will it be Senator Lindsey Graham? He said on the campaign trail in 2015 that he “certainly wouldn't vote for" a wall?

Will it be Senator John McCain, who called Trump supporters “crazies” for pressing for a border wall?

Or Senator Jeff Flake who said last summer that a border wall was “not advisable?”

Maybe Sen. Lisa Murkowski will vote against the border wall, given the fact that she has co-sponsored legislation to make Obama’s amnesty programs permanent?

Take your pick.

Trump is doing his part and making good on his promises. If he resigned tomorrow, he would have accomplished more in fifty days than Obama did in eight years.

Right now, construction companies are building wall prototypes in Texas for the Trump administration to review.

But the President can only do so much on his own. He needs Congress to appropriate the money and yes, he needs Congress to stick Mexico with the bill.

And for that to happen, it is up to us to shame these turncoat Republicans into bending the knee!

Now it’s up to us! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they fund Donald Trump’s entire border wall or else you’ll remove them from office!

There’s no compromise on this. The wall will be built and then Mexico will pay, one way or another.

The first step in the GOP surrender is to refuse to make Mexico pay for it, which is what Mitch McConnell declared yesterday. Next, he’ll say the project is too expensive and block the wall’s construction entirely.

That CANNOT be allowed to happen.

Either these spineless Republicans get out of the way or they are removed. Period.

Now Mitch McConnell is going against Trump’s border wall. Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress approve Trump’s border wall plan or be removed from office!

Build That Wall,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily