On Tuesday, the Supreme Court finally heard the case against Barack Obama's illegal alien amnesty executive order. And what came out of that hearing left Democrats and Establishment Republicans terrified...

The case is remarkably simple: The President of the United States has the authority and obligation to enforce the laws of this country. It is currently against the law for illegal aliens to live or work in the United States. Barack Obama refused to deport hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens under his amnesty program, and even ignored the law to grant them work permits. Donald Trump wants to cancel this unconstitutional and illegal amnesty program and enforce the law as-written.

Liberal judges have spent the past year blocking Pres. Trump, forcing him to continue to honor Obama's illegal executive order. But on Tuesday, the majority of the Justices on the Supreme Court seemed to side with Trump. All 5 of the Conservative Justices seemed to support Trump's right to undo a previous President's executive order.

Congressional Republicans immediately started panicking. Even while impeachment hearings and depositions were ongoing, Republicans were meeting with Democrats behind closed doors to figure out a way to save Obama's amnesty program before the Supreme Court shuts it down.

And now, after meeting with Pelosi and her aides, they have a despicable plan to do just that...

We know who these GOP cowards are. They are people like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graham, and even Marco Rubio. They desperately want to pass an immigration bill because they truly believe it is the only way to save their political careers.

But Nancy Pelosi gave them a take-it-or-leave-it offer: If Republicans wanted to pass an immigration bill, they would need to pass Nancy Pelosi's clean amnesty bill, as-written.

We have covered this legislation before, but H.R. 6 -- The American Dream and Promise Act -- is the most radical immigration bill ever introduced.

It would primarily do four things.

1) The legislation would make Barack Obama's illegal alien amnesty program permanent.

2) The bill would expand the program from 700,000 illegal aliens to instead cover over 2.5 million illegal aliens.

3) Instead of simply deferring deportation, H.R. 6 would offer these illegals permanent residency and even American citizenship.

4) As long as illegal aliens have not been convicted of more than 4 crimes, they would be eligible for amnesty and citizenship.

This is literally an attempt to turn illegal alien convicted criminals into American citizens...

If the bill passes, Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona would no longer be swing states. They would be solid blue states. Texas and Georgia would also become true swing states, giving Democrats a 50/50 chance of winning there. And adding millions of illegal aliens to the voter rolls around the country would flip dozens of Republican house seats as well.

In short, this bill is designed to make sure Republicans never again control a branch of the Federal government... It would give Democrats a decades-long hold on the Congress, the White House, and, as a result, the Supreme Court.

And the Republicans are so desperate to pass an amnesty bill that they are now willing to pass Pelosi's bill!

Fight back before the Republicans cave! Please, you MUST tell Congress to kill H.R. 6 or any other amnesty legislation designed to turn illegal alien convicted criminals into American citizens!

The GOP knows that the only way they can get away with this is if you aren't paying attention. That is why they are making these moves during the Left's impeachment hearings.

Republicans rejoiced when liberal activist judges intervened to save Obama's illegal alien amnesty executive order. They were able to keep the amnesty program going without actually having to cast an on-the-record vote.

But now that the majority of the Supreme Court Justices have come out in support of President Trump's authority to end the amnesty program, these GOP cowards know that the clock is ticking.

Nancy Pelosi has told them her terms. H.R. 6 is the only amnesty bill that Democrats will consider. And if the GOP truly wants to save Obama's amnesty program, then they will need to agree to expand it to include convicted criminals. Literally, the Democrats want to give US citizenship to illegal aliens who have spent up to four years in prison...

The the GOP traitors are telling Pelosi that she has a deal!

The GOP knows that if they want to pass Nancy Pelosi's radical amnesty bill, they are running out of time.

If you want to stop this treachery, you need to rise up and fight back right now!

Stop the amnesty surrender!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily