As we've been reporting, the "All Are Welcome Here" community of Martha's Vineyard declared a humanitarian crisis after Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal migrants there on Wednesday. It's unclear why a community of 50+ millionaires can't support 50 additional headcount, but they're going with the humanitarian crisis narrative. 

Martha's Vineyard is setting the precedent now, as they are deporting the migrants to less privilged locations -- less than 48 hours since they arrived. 

Critics of the savage move by DeSantis claim Martha's Vineyard doesn't have the infrastructure to handle the migrants, despite its robust tourism and hospitality industries and thousands of empty rooms. Clearly, when they say "infrastructure," they mean "desire."

Nearly five million illegal migrants have entered our border since Biden usurped power. The progressive elites want to virtue signal, but just 50 migrants in their community reveals their hypocrisy.

Everyone needs to be asking Martha's Vineyard officials and residents -- like the Obamas -- where are you deporting the migrants? Why are those communities better equipped to manage these migrants than yours, with all your resources?

Progressive elites have no desire to support the five million migrants that their policies have introduced to American communities.

They just want to sound virtuous while making it OUR problem. 

Where ae the 50 migrants being sent?

This is a developing story.