IMPEACH FBI Director Christopher Wray - Wray Lets Known Terrorists Through the Border, Calls MAGA Domestic Terrorists! 
Christopher Wray, the current FBI Director who has proven to be more and more corrupt and intentionally incompetent every day. Wray, along with his masters who hold the checkbook, have proven to the American people that they do not care to defend our rights, or our security. From the open border, to FBI media censorship, Wray's failures and corruption are incredibly obvious and for that he MUST be IMPEACHED! 
FBI Director Chris Wray made comments at a gathering of police in San Diego Saturday that the bureau has seen an increase in domestic threats and hamas-style attacks since last weekend's attacks in Israel. He then went on to urge citizens to be vigilant and share intel to stop 'lone actors' inspired by Palestinian militant group Hamas.
He stated: 'And I'd encourage you to stay vigilant, because as the first line of defense in protecting our communities, you're often the first to see the signs that someone may be mobilizing to violence. 
'I'd also ask you to continue sharing any intelligence or observations you may have,' he added - days after the bureau revealed agents were looking 'to locate and identify' Americans affected by the current violence overseas.
So the FBI director has come forward admitting that there IS indeed an increase in domestic threats since last weekend's attacks in Israel… I cannot but think how potential terrorists may be getting into our country to commit such hypothetical attacks… maybe the totally secure border that isn't wide open? 
Oh, wait. 
Back in July, Wray testified before Congress on border security because he knows the border represents a massive security threat but continued to deny answering how bad security has been to the point they’ve allowed suspected terrorists to enter into the US. 
And just NOW, he is admitting that there is an increase in domestic threats and hamas-style attacks. Wray and the FBI have had months to secure our border, and they refuse, allowing for potential terrorists into our country. It's time to remove Wray from his position!  
That's not all. Kash Patel on Truth stated “Wray is supposed to prevent terror attacks in the US while he's busy calling Trump Supporters domestic terrorists? He's the one that let 2 dozen actual known terrorists disappear into the US after illegally crossing the southern border.”  
Christopher Wray has proven that he cannot uphold his oath, secure our nation, or defend the people's rights, right down to the Hunter Biden Case, January 6, the Southern Border, FBI media censorship, or national security. Wray does NOT care about the people, he cares to appease his masters, and for that, he must be IMPEACHED! Use your voice – Congress needs to get rid of Wray!