When Paul Ryan refused to fund Donald Trump’s border wall last month, the Speaker was quick to promise conservatives that the wall would be funded in the near future. Looks like he lied again...

The GOP leadership held a press conference this morning outlining their legislative agenda moving forward. They’ll be focusing on healthcare, tax reform… and immigration. But there’s a reason that their immigration bill isn’t out in the open yet. It is terrible.

The bill, which is being sponsored by Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn, does not force businesses to adopt E-Verify, leaves the door open for mass amnesty, and provides funding for just TEN miles of new border fencing.

Ten… The President ran on a campaign promise to build the wall and after Republicans defunded his proposal, they are now offering to pay for just ten miles.

They aren’t making the bill public for a reason. They want to keep this a secret for as long as possible and then rush it through before you can rise up against it.

It is up to all of us to take action right now!

Don’t let them get away with this! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand they build the wall, defund sanctuary cities, pass Kate’s Law, and kill this backdoor amnesty bill!

There is a mad rush behind the scenes to add as many liberal amendments to the immigration bill as possible.

Senators Thom Tillis (NC) and Ron Johnson (WI) are pushing an amendment that would import an additional half million foreign workers - and their families - into the United States every year. They would be taking Americans’ jobs.

Democrats, licking their lips at an opportunity to stick it to the President, have revived their Bridge Act, a bill that would cement Barack Obama’s amnesty into law and shield close to a million illegal aliens from deportation. Their amendment would literally prohibit Trump from deporting illegal aliens.

Their goal is to load the bill up with liberal amendments and then negotiate closer to the middle. For example, they would only punish sanctuary cities if amnesty became the law of the land.

The bill gives President Trump funding to erect just ten miles of border wall. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be laughable.

The Center for Immigration Studies, which largely supported Trump’s candidacy, has come out hard against the bill and accused the GOP of designing it so that it can be “combined with an amnesty.”

This is it, folks. With all of the FakeNews being peddled against President Trump, the GOP establishment believes that now is the time to push an immigration bill that goes against everything We the People voted for. They think that with the Democrats piling onto the President, they can force him to sign onto amnesty.

This isn’t a Republican versus Democrat issue. This is us against all of Congress. Both Republicans and Democrats are stabbing you in the back on immigration.

They’re keeping the bill locked behind closed doors, hoping to delay the massive backlash they’ll receive. We’re going to give it to them right now. Our goal is to bombard Congress with at least three hundred thousands faxes today calling them out on their treachery.

Will you join us?

Join us! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to build the wall, defund sanctuary cities, pass Kate’s Law, and kill this backdoor amnesty bill!

We need you and every likeminded Patriot to join this push and make sure that the RINOs aren’t able to kill the America First immigration policies that we all voted for.

If you are able, please take part in today’s massive FaxBlast. If you have friends or family who care about locking down the southern border and enforcing immigration law, please forward this to them as well.

The Republicans smell blood in the water. They believe that now is the time to pounce and move forward on their amnesty agenda.

It is up to you and I to prove them wrong!

Time’s up. Send your urgent message to Congress and demand that they kill this backdoor amnesty bill and instead, build the wall, defund sanctuary cities, and pass Kate’s Law!