BREAKING: Congress Wants a Foreign Standing Army of Illegals! STOP The Courage To Serve Act NOW! 
Members of our Congress have proposed a new bill purportedly to "aid" in managing the influx of illegal immigrants flooding through the border. The "Courage to Serve Act," introduced by Reps. Pat Ryan (D-N.Y.) and John James (R-Mich.), would offer an expedited path to citizenship for illegal immigrants (although they won't explicitly state so) if they serve in the military. Essentially, this bill encourages the creation of a foreign standing army of illegals to easily infiltrate our military. 
The bill is vague at best, stating that the illegals would be "vetted to ensure their loyalty to a country they have just illegally immigrated to." It's almost as if Americans are being replaced. Congress must NOT pass this bill, especially considering the current state of our border, where proper protocols for immigration are not being followed. The risk of this act is far too high. Congress must vote no!
Last year, military recruit was down nearly 40% and is expected to be much worse in 2024, it is reported that the U.S. military is on track to experience its worst recruiting year since WW2. This alone is a huge problem, but our Congressional members have decided that instead of addressing the institutional issues that are discouraging young Americans from military service, they will replace them with hired foreign recruits.
Reps. Pat Ryan (D-N.Y.) and John James (R-Mich.) believe this legislation will address two challenges facing the United States: an influx of migrants seeking employment, opportunities for their families, and a chance to contribute to our country, as well as a recruitment crisis within the ranks of our Armed Forces. They propose that only "qualified and vetted" illegals would be allowed to participate in this program, but fail to outline exactly what this entails.
This bill combines the flood of immigrants into our country with the low recruitment rates in our military, creating the perfect storm for a foreign standing army on our soil.
Here's the problem… How can we determine if these people are truly loyal to our country? Do they possess the patriotism required to fight and die for our great nation in times of war? Will they stand with the citizens of this nation or against us? The truth is, their loyalty is bought; they will not be for us, but against us. The incentive for joining the military is not one of honor or patriotism, it's so they might gain citizenship, nothing more. 
Congress must NOT pass the "Courage to Serve" Act. This proposal completely disregards the security and well-being of our nation. How can we possibly trust individuals who have entered our country illegally to uphold the values and principles upon which our nation was founded? The very idea that these individuals could be granted citizenship simply by donning a military uniform is an insult to every patriot who has sworn to defend our Constitution. We, the people, want individuals who love our country serving it! We want military members who will protect and serve our nation and its people, defending our Constitution! Congress must not pass an act that will allow for the formation of a foreign standing army! Protect our nation, and protect our people!
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