Click HERE to demand a full Congressional investigation into any waste, fraud, or abuse of stimulus funds

In 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).  Better known as the 2009 stimulus package, ARRA was supposed to be the engine of recovery as the crown jewel of President Obama’s economic policy initiatives.  Unfortunately, like nearly every other Obama program or initiative, the results of the stimulus package are fraught with failure and fraud.  Fax Congress and demand an investigation immediately.

President Obama’s stimulus package was a contentious issue in Congress.  Originally, ARRA had a price tag of $787 billion; that number has since jumped to $819 billion and is still rising.  The legislation was passed after the Great Recession and economic fall out of 2007 and 2008.  Many conservative lawmakers felt that it was too expensive and expanded the government too much.  They were also worried about a possible negative economic impact as government interference and capitalist economies rarely mix well.

Still riding high on his mandate after beating John McCain for the Presidency, President Barack Hussein Obama used every bit of political capital he could muster in order to pass ARRA.  While there was some bipartisan support, the stimulus package was clearly the brainchild of a tax and spend liberal who had no conception of the economic troubles that our nation was facing.  It failed to help the economy and its long-term cost could mean that our children and grandchildren will be the ones bankrolling Obama’s socialist failure.

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The stimulus package was a bad idea to start.  Government cannot feed a successful economy; the private sector must pick itself up, dust itself off and fix itself.  Government attempts to fix an ailing economy usually only magnifies the pain and length of a recession.

However, taxpayers not only have to deal with a protracted recovery and higher taxes because of Obama’s failed economic policies; the Federal government is now reporting that there are over 1900 cases are waste, fraud, and abuse stemming from the 2009 stimulus checks.  Fax Congress today and demand legislative action!

Many Democrats will defend the stimulus package.  They will gush with praise for legislation that is quantitatively bereft of positive economic effects while being a dreg on the future of our economy.  Vice President Joe Biden even trumped the ARRA during his Vice Presidential debate with Republican Vice President Nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).  But as usual, Uncle Joe ignored the facts, looked like a jackass, and made the legend of his idiocy grow to epic proportions.

Inspector Generals across Federal agencies have already made at least 600 convictions when it comes to waste, fraud, and abuse of stimulus funds.  Further, there are currently more than 1,900 cases open with possible wrongdoing.  You are probably asking yourself why you haven’t heard more about this scandal; how can the Obama Administration bury these 1,900 cases?

Well, President Obama is currently engaged in tight Presidential race; any discussion of failed policies will make his reelection even less likely.  Therefore, the Executive branch is trying to keep it the crisis quiet.  Unfortunately, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg; the problem is set to balloon exponentially as problems nationwide are surfacing.  If the President refuses to act, we MUST fax Congress and demand congressional action.

Since this story is still developing, we are not sure how much this will eventually cost taxpayers.  The waste, fraud, and abuse of stimulus funds seems to have run rampant throughout President Obama’s Federal government.  From Health and Human Services to the Energy Department, the problem seems to be ubiquitous throughout the Obama Administration’s Executive branch and could be costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

Click HERE to demand a full Congressional investigation into any waste, fraud, or abuse of stimulus funds

We must act now!  We have caught the problem early; there is still time to take action and prevent any further damage to our fragile economy.  But we have to stand together.  We must send Congress a stern message saying that we Americans will no longer sit idly by and watch as the stewards of our money allow it to be stolen and wasted by thieves and morons.  They must know that we will vote out the morons and incarcerate the thieves.

While the Inspector Generals of the various Federal agencies should be applauded for their efforts to seek out those trying to cheat the government and taxpayers, their final reports cannot be trusted as they work for President Obama.  As stated earlier, the President is in a tough reelection fight and has been known to bend the truth to cover up facts in order to best his Republican rival, Governor Mitt Romney.

Just look at the mess in Libya.  For three weeks the White House attempted to paint the tragedy as a violent protest in response to an insensitive video rather than admit that it was a terrorist attack.  Now reports state that the White House knew the terroristic nature of the attack almost immediately.  The White House lied to protect Barack Obama’s Presidency.  We can’t trust the Executive branch.

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Since the Obama Administration is complicit in the problems stemming from ARRA, we must demand that Congress investigate any waste, fraud, and abuse of stimulus money.  The President will lie and cover up his mistakes; we need a bias free referee to stand in the place of the American taxpayer and demand answers.  All options, including jail time, must be on the table.  This is our money and we will not let Obama’s cronies steal another penny from us.  Demand congressional action today!

Click HERE to demand a full Congressional investigation into any waste, fraud, or abuse of stimulus funds


Tony Adkins