Dear Conservative,

I really don’t get it. Sometimes, I look at the legislation that comes out of Washington D.C. and I can’t help but wonder whether these clowns in office actually want to fix this country’s economy or not!

The easiest way to absolutely tank the U.S. economy is to increase the taxes on everyday Americans and businesses just trying to get by!

That’s why we fought tooth and nail against the Obama administration’s plans to build tollbooths across the American interstate system. The American people are struggling to get by as it is, especially considering the economy shrank by a whopping 2.9% last quarter. The last thing that Americans should be worrying about is having to pay more for just about everything.

There is, however, a bipartisan bill moving through Congress that disregards this simple logic. On Wednesday, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) introduced an amendment to a piece of legislation that would nearly DOUBLE the Federal tax that you pay on gasoline!

That’s right; currently, you pay 18.4 cents of Federal tax on every gallon of gasoline you purchase. If Senate Democrats AND Republicans get their way, that tax will be increased to 30 cents/gallon!

Not only will this new tax make it more expensive for you to travel, but it will also increase the prices on practically everything else as well!

In 2011 alone, 9.2 billion tons of freight was moved across this country by truck. For those keeping score at home, that represents 67% of ALL freight tonnage transported domestically.

It takes a real idiot to propose increasing a gas tax in the wake of significant economic shrinkage. The economy shrank by 2.9% during the first three months of the year. That is the worst economic news since 2009. It is almost like Democrats and Republicans are fighting over who can make the economy even smaller!

We need to stop allowing our Representatives and Senators to shoot us in the foot! This new gasoline tax CANNOT be allowed to pass! You and I can’t afford it… the American economy can’t afford it… and if the tax is signed into law, it will have rippling effects across the entire country!

Tell Congress that it must STOP the push to increase the gasoline tax! The American people and economy simply cannot afford it!

Imagine a world where every major interstate highway has a toll on it and, on top of that, you are forced to pay more out of pocket to fill up your gas tank…

This will be the reality if the Democrats and RINOs get their way!

We have been told that the votes are there for passage in the United States Senate. It is imperative that we do everything in our power to prevent this bill from coming to a vote!

Can you afford to pay more every time you go to fill up your tank?

That’s the question you need to ask yourself because if the answer is no, then you MUST force your representatives to abandon this foolish gasoline tax increase!

If you drive a compact car, you can expect to pay $2.00 more every time you fill up your gas tank…

Drive an SUV? Good luck! You’ll be paying around $3.50 extra every time you fill-er-up…

And if you drive a truck, you’ll likely pay closer to $4.00 more every time you visit a gas station…

That is just for personal vehicles! What do you think will happen when these taxes are passed on to the trucking industry? What do you think will happen to the price of groceries, electronics, clothes, or any of the other 67% of products transported across country by truck? I’ll tell you what will happen: prices for just about everything will increase!

At every level, this new tax is a horrible idea. And yet, Congressional Democrats and RINOs are eager to make it more expensive to for you to travel and for the goods you buy to make it to market!

We cannot afford this! The economy cannot afford this! But more importantly, we cannot afford to have such stupid politicians!

These career politicians don’t know what it means to buy their own food and drive themselves to work. But if they pass this new tax into law, we must promise them that we will vote them out so they can learn what it is like to live under their oppressive taxes!

Tell Congress that it must STOP the push to increase the gasoline tax! The American people and economy simply cannot afford it!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily