WASHINGTON (AP) - A senior government official resigned Monday after a report concluded her agency improperly paid for an "over-the-top" training session near Las Vegas that featured a mind reader, bicycle giveaways and lavish after-hour receptions in resort suites for federal workers.

The White House accepted General Services Administration chief Martha Johnson's resignation over an unconscionable training meeting held in 2010.  A scathing Inspector General report that revealed a "gross misuse of taxpayer dollars" on an internal conference that was "excessive, wasteful, and in some cases impermissible."  The organizing team for the event took six trips to figure out if the venue was right for the event.  Really?  $130,000 to figure out if they liked the place?  Then, they spent almost $700,000 to run an event for 300 people.

Wow.  I don't know how you feel, but I am mad.  Martha Johnson, a Democrat, was a leader for the Obama transition team.  As part of that role she reviewed the GSA.  I wonder what she spent doing that?  She also worked for President Bill Clinton first on his transition team, then as a White House aide in the Office of Presidential Personnel, then as Associate Deputy Secretary of Commerce.  The Democratic leadership really like her, and she does this?

Back to this current issue.  Under her care, almost one million dollars was spent on an event to train GSA staffers.  Absurd!  The current rhetoric in Washington, D.C. is that Democrats are for the poor and needy.  Hah!  Martha is a career Democrat with two administrations who worked in significant roles.  Yet, she allowed this waste to occur.  Then, it takes two years to figure out that this was wasteful and finally she resigns.  I wonder what her government paid retirement looks like?

Folks, this has to stop.  I know that Republicans have been fired for the same sort of thing.  That is a travesty.  Conservatives in America need to rise up against an establishment that is not accountable.  Clean the house and the White House.  Then, hold the new folks accountable to cut spending, eliminate waste and pay of the federal debt!