BIDENHyperINFLATION - We Are on the Precipice of Collapse - Congress must Attack Inflation NOW!
It is plain to see that the inflation the United States is currently facing is on route to destroying our nation. We MUST Balance the Budget, STOP unnecessary spending (I’m looking at you Ukraine), BAN the use of CBDC’s, and get our nation back on track for greatness and success! 
I recently gave the Art of War by Sun Tzu a read again, if you haven't read it, I advise you to, the tactics used then are still used now by even the most seasoned and respected personnel in our military. One of the fascinating things he talks about is a military strategy that would see to a nation's destruction without his army even setting foot onto the enemy's land. Sun Tzu and his genius strategy would set a nation on the precipice of collapse via inflation. Strength and wealth would be sapped from the people, their commodities broken down and worthless, and ultimately their society would come to ruin. Now that the nation was broken, he and his army could come in and easily take control. 
Now let's take a gander at the 33 TRILLION dollars of debt the United States has found itself in. I know I don't have to tell any of you about the effects of this debt, the inflation it is causing. I know you feel the worthlessness of your dollar when you enter into the grocery store to put food on your table, when you pump fuel into your car, when you take out loans, when you pay your rent, your electricity bill, when you try to buy or sell a home. The inflation, the worthlessness of the US dollar, has gotten out of control, our commodities are becoming unattainable, the wealth of the people is being sapped away, we are losing our strength. Are we on the precipice of collapse? 
Whether or not we are on a precipice of collapse, that is for you to determine, one thing is for certain, we are in a silent depression, and this can undoubtedly be attributed to Biden and his Bidenomics. 
Here's a statement from Wall Street Silver, to put into perspective how bad things are.  In 1930 during the Great Depression, the average home in America was $3,900. The average car was $600. The average monthly rent was $18, or $216 a year, and the average salary was $1,300 a year. Fast forward to today. It is $436,000 for the average home, $48,000 for the average car, and the average rent is $2,000 a month, or $24,000 a year, and we have a $56,000 income for the average American right now.
So if you look back to the Great Depression, the house was only three times the average salary. Now it is eight times the average salary. The car was 46% of the salary. The car today is 85% of the salary. And here’s the craziest part. The rent was 16% of the average salary. It is now 42% of the average salary.
On top of that, not to get too technical surrounding the stock market, but The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index came in at 80.2 in August, hovering just above 80, the level that often signals the U.S. economy is headed for a recession in the coming year. 
I don't want to scare you, but at the same time you should be concerned. I want you to consider the time we are in, what is really going on. I didn't just mention Sun Tzu and his strategy for the hell of it. We know everything is calculated, this inflation, this recession, is engineered, I want you to think, by whom? 
For now, we must use our voices, we must demand congress to get ahold of this debt, balance the budget, to not use easy fixes like CBDC’s or raising the debt ceiling, but to attack this problem. End Usury to ensure that banking cartels are serving the people instead of their own interests and bottom line. End fractional reserve banking, as it is a scheme of money creation out of thin air.
We have fallen into recession and great inflation in the past, we can and will get out of this! Use your voice, reprimand your congressional leaders, fight!