UNACCEPTABLE Inaction – Do NOT Pass Schumer's Political Pawn Border Deal! Pass H.R.2 & Support Texas To Secure The Border!
The influx of illegal immigrants across our border is undeniably a crisis. Conservative Daily, echoing the sentiments of millions of Americans, asserts the profound impact of over 7 million illegal immigrants entering our nation in just over three years, causing significant issues, institutional decay, and heightened corruption. President Biden's incompetence and neglect in securing our borders through his open border policy will undoubtedly be his lasting legacy – a leader who facilitated an invasion and prioritized the well-being of those entering illegally. Congress must take the reins and CLOSE THE BORDER!
Congress, unfortunately, has been of little assistance, allowing a careless and compromised coalition of RINOs, Democrats, and other complacent oathbreakers to exploit our national security crisis. The situation has further escalated in the last month, with developments at the border pointing towards a blatant attack on our nation and security.
Following a Supreme Court ruling supporting the Biden regime's decision to remove razor wire barriers, Texas, led by Governor Greg Abbott (R), invoked state rights to resist the flood of illegal aliens. The removal of approximately 30 miles of razor wire has sparked a continuous struggle between Border Patrol agents and the efforts of AG Paxton and Gov. Abbott.
This tug-of-war has prompted numerous protests at Eagle Pass and other parts of the Texas border. Texas, rightfully concerned about its security, has directed its National Guard to reinforce barriers, with support coming from other states as well. The fight for a secure border is a genuine and serious concern.
Finally, Congress has been prompted to address the open border issue, triggered by Texas's response to the Supreme Court's ruling. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has introduced a national security bill, intertwining it with foreign aid and a deal to maintain a 35-year national ban on fully plastic ghost guns. Once again, our national security is being used as a political pawn, with Democrats linking border security to unrelated agendas.
Remarkably, the "Secure the Border Act" (H.R.2), a bill aimed at addressing border security without political maneuvering, has been consistently rejected by the Senate. Democrats like Chuck Schumer seem unwilling to prioritize the safety of American citizens without extracting concessions.
Moreover, Congress recently passed the Smith-Wyden Bill, expanding welfare, including for illegal immigrants, and contributing to inflationary deficits. This pattern must end.
Our national security should never be treated as a political pawn. Since President Biden took office, over 7 million illegal aliens have entered our country, receiving handouts while undermining our nation. Congress must declare a state of emergency and secure the border. It's time to support Texas and ensure the passage of H.R.2. Congress, do your job – pass H.R.2, support Texas, and close the border!