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Everytime one an establishment effort to "get" President Trump fails -- like Russian Collusion, Ukraine Quid Pro Quo, Impeachments one and two, the January 6 committee, and so on -- you just move on to your next attempt.

This appears to be the case with the Georgia Ruling this week. From the Washington Post:

"A final report produced by an Atlanta-area special grand jury investigating efforts by President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn Trump’s 2020 election loss in Georgia will remain mostly sealed as a local prosecutor considers charges in the case, a judge ruled. But Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney said in an order released Monday that he will make public three sections of the grand jury report, including the panel’s introduction and conclusion to its findings as well as a section in which the grand jury 'discusses its concern that some witnesses may have lied under oath during their testimony.'"

This is, of course, setting up the expected dismissal while letting the persecutors feel like their efforts weren't completely in vain. But no worry! This persecution of Trump is being celebrated in the Southern District of New York today. According to the Guardian: 

"Donald Trump is 'not above the law,' the attorney general of New York state said on Tuesday, celebrating an appeals court ruling which said the former president must pay a $110,000 fine for refusing to comply with subpoenas in a fraud investigation of his company and financial affairs." 

Trump's billion dollar empire receives a $110,000 fine, and the establishment celebrates. Notably, since 2009, Pfizer has received multiple multi-billion dollar fines, but you ignore that and celebrate Pfizer. 

Wake up to your Trump derangement, repent, and get to work for the American People. Stop persecuting Donald Trump, and release his supporters -- ALL J6 Political Hostages -- immediately.

Remember your oath.