Fellow Conservative,

We’re learning more and more about the absolutely rigged FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. We never stood a chance.

To completely protect Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration forced the FBI agents working the case to sign non-disclosure agreements. They don’t want what happened behind closed doors to leak out into the public.

It was bad enough that FBI Director James Comey put the evidence out there for the public to see. The administration couldn’t risk any other agents or investigators doing the same, so they locked them down using non-disclosure agreements.

An FBI agent talking about the specifics of the case will now face more jail time than Hillary Clinton will for mishandling classified information.  It’s pathetic.

We here at Conservative Daily pushed hard for Congress to criminally refer Hillary Clinton to the FBI for a perjury investigation. I was surprised when the Establishment gave this strategy the green light, but now it is clear why. The Department of Justice will never allow Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted.

The only way to make sure Hillary Clinton pays for her crime is for Congress to formally charge her with Contempt of Congress!

Loretta Lynch and the Obama administration confirmed they will not prosecute Hillary. Force Congress to take the initiative! FaxBlast and DEMAND they immediately file Contempt of Congress charges against Hillary Clinton!

Any law enforcement agency that forces its investigators to sign non-disclosure agreements for a specific case cannot be trusted to fairly pursue justice.

So Congress has to take the FBI and the Department of Justice out of the equation entirely.

In almost every instance, the Attorney General gets to decide whether or not to impanel a Grand Jury in a case. If the Attorney General doesn’t want someone to be prosecuted, then they are let off the hook.

We saw that in the past weeks with Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton in secret and then, by her own admission, closing the Clinton case without even examining the evidence presented by the FBI.

But there is one way to ensure that a Grand Jury is impaneled and that the Attorney General would be powerless to stop it: Contempt of Congress charges.

Similar to how a Judge can hold someone in Contempt of Court and levy a number of types of punishments, Congress can use Contempt of Congress charges against anyone who lies under oath before one of its committees.

If Congress votes to hold Hillary Clinton in contempt, then they bypass the FBI entirely and send their recommendation for indictment directly to the Attorney General. Then, the law states that the Attorney General has a “duty” to impanel a Grand Jury to examine the evidence.

If Hillary Clinton is going to see the inside of a prison cell, it’s not going to be because of the FBI and it certainly won’t be Barack Obama’s Department of Justice.

This outcome is only achievable through YOU forcing Congress to take this across the finish line!

Do you want Hillary Clinton to see the inside of a jail cell? Send your FaxBlast here and FORCE Congress to file Contempt of Congress charges immediately!

Congress has every right to hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress. Hillary lied under oath.

She declared under oath that she never sent any emails with information marked as classified. She absolutely did.

She asserted that she handed over all of her work-related emails. She didn’t even come close.

And she claimed that her attorneys went through all of her emails before deciding what to turn over and what to delete. She knew for a fact that they hadn’t.

It’s an open and shut case. But as long as the FBI and DOJ control whether the case moves forward, Hillary Clinton will continue to be protected.

Barack Obama won’t let Hillary be prosecuted. Neither will Loretta Lynch. Only Congress can move this forward and only YOU can make it happen!

Don’t delay! Send your FaxBlast now and DEMAND that Congress hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress for lying under oath!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily