Speaker Vote Week 2 - The Circus Continues, Another Secret Ballot, MORE RINO’s, & NO Work with Pay!
The Speaker of the House circus continues this week, and they're still getting paid. Now, with the return of a secret ballot, which resulted in the nomination of RINO and a known Trump-opposer, Tom Emmer. However, just in, not long after Emmer's nomination, he abruptly withdrew from the nomination, making way for another secret ballot. This time, Mike Johnson (R-LA) has been nominated.
 Will this new candidate be an adequate representative of the people? Or will he be another RINO working to destroy our country? Congress needs to know that during secret ballot nominations, they must keep in mind the will of the people. We DEMAND to see someone who upholds the Constitution, defends the people's rights, and protects our nation as a speaker, someone with a character like Trump! Additionally, we must see more transparency during the nomination process of candidates, and finally, during this time of inaction, and NO work, members should NOT be PAID!
On Tuesday, we saw the nomination of Tom Emmer via another secret ballot, which does not allow the people to see what deals are being made, and quite frankly, should be abolished. Emmer is a known RINO who has opposed Trump, and did I mention he’s Soros-funded?
Just hours after Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) won the Republican Conference’s nomination to be Speaker on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to deride the congressman as “totally out-of-touch with Republican Voters” and a “Globalist RINO.” A few hours later, Emmer dropped out of the running.
While the Speaker's chair is vacant, the people's voice NEEDS to be heard, specifically about WHO should be nominated and elected to serve in the position. Let's tell Congress, the People demand someone with a strong character, someone who will uphold the Constitution, defend our rights, and protect our great nation, someone like Trump!
This leads us to the new nominee, Mike Johnson. Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA 4th District), vice chair of the House GOP conference, has been named the GOP Speaker-Designate.
According to the Gateway Pundit, Mike Johnson boasts a Liberty Score of 74%. He has been a member of Congress since 2017 and has a generally strong voting record.
He played a key role in initiating the Texas Amicus Brief in 2020 and voted against the certification of the 2020 election results, which he viewed as fraudulent. Johnson has been selective in supporting funding for Ukraine, only voting in favor of the initial funding bill.
Additionally, he is reportedly a strong advocate for national security. Johnson backed Trump’s travel ban on countries considered hotbeds of terrorism. He also served on Trump’s legal defense team during both the 2019 and 2020 Senate impeachment trials.
Johnson seems like a somewhat strong candidate for Speaker, but we will have to see how this story develops. Ultimately, Congress needs to clarify some things and hear the voice of the people.
One, during the speaker vote, they should NOT be paid. If they cannot work, other than voting, nominating, and ultimately getting nowhere, they should not receive payment.
Second, the secret ballot does not allow for full transparency, specifically regarding any secret deals that are being made for a candidate to be elected. More transparency must be demanded and become the norm.
Third, the individual who is nominated as the speaker should be someone who REPRESENTS the people, UPHOLDS the Constitution, and DEFENDS our Rights! Someone like Trump, who has consistently championed these values.