BYE Biden! We Have NOT Forgotten About the Biden Impeachment Inquiry - Get a Move on & IMPEACH BIDEN! 
The Speaker position has been filled, so Congress needs to get back to WORK, and by WORK we mean Impeaching Biden, there's NO excuse! 
While our congressional leaders are discussing this impeachment, the American people stand firm in the knowledge that Biden is a corrupt money and power hungry demon who not only should, based on mountains of evidence, but MUST be impeached. The American people, our constitution, and country don't have time for drawn out investigations, impeachment inquiry theater, or any more corrupt leaders - Congress get BIDEN out of office now – impeach BIDEN!
Joe lied about his knowledge of Hunter Biden's business dealings, including receiving money from China, which we know is untrue; he was aware of it. Now revealed by bank records, Hunter Biden's Chinese business partners sent $250,000 to Joe Biden's Delaware HOME in 2019. 
Bank records demonstrate that Biden Family members and associates received up to $50 million from foreign countries, all funneled through other companies to EVADE taxes.
It's not just Biden's felonies and treason that should get him impeached. How about his response to Lahaina, which has been neglected by the Government and media, or his response to the Israel/Hamas attacks, or how he is clearly mentally unfit to lead. Biden needs to GO, BYE BYEDEN!
Now, we have a new Speaker of the House, who could, unlike McCarthy who wouldn't dare to attack the deep state, pressure for Biden's impeachment with ferocity!
Speaker Johnson has actually brought up the necessity to impeach Biden on the house floor, stating, “My friends, I just listed just a small sampling, just the tip of the iceberg, of the credible allegations and the mounting evidence that shows that Joseph Biden has engaged in bribery schemes, pay to play schemes. This is what the evidence shows. We have to follow it. We took an oath to uphold the Constitution. The Constitution requires this action.”
We've known this information for months, identified the corrupt actions Biden has taken, and have evidence of Hunter Biden's dealings in foreign countries. 
This impeachment inquiry needs to result in the Impeachment of Biden. He is guilty, he has committed felonies, he has committed treason. Get Biden OUT of OFFICE!
Congress, do your job! Uphold your oath, protect our nation from corruption! We DEMAND you use this impeachment inquiry to relentlessly work towards getting Biden out of office! Given the overwhelming evidence against him, this shouldn't be taking so damn long. Tell Congress! The more you drag your feet on impeaching Biden, the more evident it becomes that you are corrupt, and you stand with HIM, not the PEOPLE! Impeach Biden!