Fellow Conservatie,

This is a big deal.

On two previous occasions, Hawaii District Judge Derrick Watson tried to block President Trump's travel ban from going into effect. Both times, the Supreme Court smacked him down and overruled him.

Now, Judge Watson - who was appointed by Barack Obama - issued a third ruling attempting to block President Trump from implementing his travel ban and extreme vetting policies.

The Supreme Court already put a stop to Derrick Watson's first two injunctions. Why was this liberal activist judge even allowed to issue a ruling? Because Trump amended the executive order by removing Sudan, and adding Chad along witn non-Muslim countries like Venezuela and North Korea. Even though the Supreme Court allowed the travel ban to go into effect, and the newest travel executive order actually added non-Muslim countries, Judge Watson still declared it a "Muslim ban."

This man is the definition of a liberal activist judge. He has been overturned twice now by both the Supreme Court and by the liberal 9th Circuit, but he still thinks that he can dictate American foreign policy from his bench in Hawaii.

The last time he tried to legislate from the bench, he was smacked down for trying to re-write Trump's executive order to allow practically anyone into the US. If Watson had his way, any refugee could show up at a border patrol checkpoint and demand entry because he or she has a second cousin once removed living in the US. If they could prove they were biologically related to anyone in the United States, Judge Watson previously tried to force Trump let them in.

He was smacked down then too. So now, even though he knows the Supreme Court overruled him on this before, he has declared the travel ban to be unconstitutional for the THIRD time.

Three strikes, he's out! Tell Congress to reassert their Constitutional authority and impeach this Obama-era activist judge and remove him from the bench!

The Founding Fathers knew that a day would come when Federal Judges would let their power go to their head and try to legislate from the bench. But they never could have imagined a case like this.

Watson thinks he is more powerful than the Congress. He doesn't care that past Congresses literally gave the President the legal authority to block any class of immigrants that would be detrimental to the United States. Watson thinks he knows better.

Watson also thinks he is more powerful than the executive branch, arguing that he knows how to protect America better than the career intelligence agents and government employees who have been calling for this action for years.

And possibly even worse, Judge Watson thinks that he knows better than the Supreme Court of the United States, which has repeatedly ruled that he was wrong to try to block Trump's executive order.

He must be impeached!

Remove this liberal activist judge from the bench! Send your FaxBlast - delivered instantly to Congressional offices - and DEMAND they impeach this unhinged Obama judge immediately!

This is madness. He tried to shut down the President and was overruled by the Supreme Court. He tried to overrule the Supreme Court to let practically anyone in and he was smacked down a second time.

Now he has issued a third ruling declaring that President Trump's executive order is unconstitutional, completely ignoring the law and the Supreme Court's precedent.

Three strikes and you're out...

Judge Derrick Watson is one of Obama's close friends. Like the former-President, Judge Watson believes himself to be a king. He is literally the reason that the Founders gave Congress the power to remove activist judges.

Now, it is just up to you to force them to!

 Send your message and tell Congress right now to take action against this leftist, activist judge and use every tool at their disposal - including impeachment - to stop him from legislating from the bench!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily