Fellow Conservative,

By now, you have likely heard about what is going on in Rockville, Maryland.

Two illegal aliens – Henry E. Sanchez, 18, and Jose O. Montano, 17 – have been arrested and charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom.

Sanchez had been apprehended 7 months earlier by immigration agents. Since Obama was still President, he was caught and promptly released. Since then, he had been ordered deported from the United States. But anti-deportation organizations were blocking the government from deporting him.

The two men were placed into Rockville High School. However, since the two men did not speak any English, they were placed into an English language learning class along with freshmen.

One 14-year-old girl repeatedly rejected the illegal aliens’ advances. One day last week, the two illegal aliens dragged the young girl into a boy’s bathroom stall and brutally raped her, even as she screamed out for help.

These two illegals never should have been placed into an American high school Freshman Class. The one should have been deported months ago. When asked what they planned to do after the sexual assault, Rockville High School announced that they would be re-evaluating their hall pass policy.

We need Kate’s Law. We need a ban on sanctuary cities. We need the wall.

Action Alert: Take action and force Congress to pass Kate’s Law, defund sanctuary cities, and build the wall immediately!

When news of this brutal crime broke, the White House released a statement that the young victim was an immigrant in the United States legally.

Crimes like this are happening across the country, every single day.

The Maryland State Legislature is actively considering legislation to formally turn Maryland into a Sanctuary State.

What that means is if these two illegal alien teenage criminals ever get released from prison, Maryland law enforcement would be prohibited from handing them over to Immigration agents.

This horrible legislation would literally protect these child rapists from deportation.

Last week, there were 206 illegal alien criminals deliberately released from sanctuary city jails across the country. These are illegal aliens who had active deportation orders and were thrown in jail for committing other crimes. Yet instead of handing them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, they were deliberately set free to help them avoid deportations. These releases included a homicide suspect, a convicted arsonist, and multiple illegal aliens convicted of aggravated assault.

142 of the 206 illegal aliens were released from one single county in Texas (Travis County).

President Trump signed an executive order instructing his administration to compile a list of the country’s sanctuary cities. That full list was published yesterday.

However, in order to start revoking their Federal grant money, Congress is going to need to act and they’re going to need to act now!

Action Alert: No more delays! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they defund sanctuary cities, pass Kate’s Law, and build the wall!

We are calling on Congress to pass three specific pieces of legislation.

1)   Pass Kate’s Law and create mandatory minimum sentences for previously deported illegal aliens who are caught re-entering the United States.

2)   Defund sanctuary cities and prevent taxpayer money from subsidizing cities, counties, and states that openly defy Federal immigration authorities.

3)   Build the wall to prevent illegal aliens and traffickers from freely crossing our open border.

That’s it. No need for “comprehensive immigration reform,” just immigration enforcement.

Innocent Americans and legal immigrants are literally having their lives ruined by these illegal alien criminals. Sanctuary cities and states have declared war on the innocent by refusing to help President Trump deport the guilty. And spineless Republicans like Mitch McConnell are backing away from the promise to build a wall along the southern border.

No more.

These bills are already written. They were voted on last year and blocked by Democrat Senators. Now that we have Trump in the White House, Congress can use parliamentary maneuvers to put these bills on the President’s desk.

The only reason we don’t have Kate’s Law, a bill to defund sanctuary cities, and a southern border wall is because Republicans don’t want to focus on it.

It is up to YOU to demand it!

Please, help us put an end to this madness. Send your FaxBlast and demand that Congress defund sanctuary cities, pass Kate’s Law, and authorize a southern border wall!

Getting tired of writing about these heartbreaking stories,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily