Fellow Conservative,

A lot has happened in the last few days.

News leaked to the press mid-week that Loretta Lynch had secretly met with Bill Clinton, the husband of suspected Espionage Act violator, Hillary Clinton. The purpose of this “chance encounter” on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport is simple: get the DOJ to stand down and stop going after Hillary Clinton.

Days after this unethical meeting, the Department of Justice announced it was delaying the release of potentially damning emails between Hillary Clinton’s top staffers. Loretta Lynch’s DOJ has asked the judge in the case for a two-year delay, so the potentially damning emails can be released in 2018.

Yesterday, the FBI interrogated Hillary Clinton for three and a half hours. No word yet on whether the FBI should expect an invoice for Hillary’s speaking fees…

Now, there are unconfirmed reports that Hillary could be cleared of all wrongdoing.

So, the same week that a suspect’s husband meets, in secret, with the prosecutor, news leaks that the FBI and DOJ might decline to prosecute.

You expect this type of nonsense in the Third World, but never in our history have we seen such blatant corruption at the highest levels of government!

Loretta Lynch is in clear violation! FaxBlast and DEMAND she be removed from the Clinton case and replaced with an independent prosecutor!

The White House and DOJ are up in arms trying to dispel the “rumors” that Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch to discuss the Hillary Clinton investigation.

The official story is that they were discussing “grandchildren, golf, and traveling.”

Here’s the problem: that still disqualifies Loretta Lynch from participating in the investigation/prosecution.

Regardless of the topic of the conversation, their meeting violated at least three of the DOJ’s ethics rules.

5 CFR § 2635.101(b)(8) requires that DOJ employees “act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any private organization or individual.”

5 CFR § 2635.101(b)(14) requires prosecutors to avoid any actions that even create the “appearance”  that they are violating the law or ethical standards enacted by the DOJ.

But the real doozy: 28 CFR § 45.2 requires that a prosecutor recuse him/herself if asked to participate in a criminal investigation where they have a “personal or political relationship” with the suspect. This includes having a relationship with any person or organization that the prosecutor “knows has a specific and substantial interest that would be directly affected by the outcome of the investigation or prosecution.”

It doesn’t matter what Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch talked about. The fact that they have a friendship where Mr. Clinton could just walk onto her private plane and discuss family and hobbies for a half hour calls 28 CFR § 45.2 into play.

Loretta Lynch has violated almost every relevant ethics law on the books, and yet she is still presiding over the case. The ethics rules require her to recuse herself, yet she's still there...

And now, just days after her obvious conflict of interest, her Department is moving to shield Hillary from prosecution.

She needs to be removed NOW before she causes any more damage!

It doesn’t get more unethical than this. Please, send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to replace Lynch with a Special Prosecutor before she interferes any further!

Hillary has broken the glass ceiling. She is the first Presidential candidate to be interrogated by the FBI for Espionage Act violations.

And Bill Clinton may be the first former-President to try to coerce the Attorney General to stand-down in a criminal case.

I’ll tell you, this family is really going places…

But I’d much rather the place they’re going be Federal Prison and after this week, it’s plainly obvious that will never happen if Loretta Lynch is left in charge!

Kick Loretta Lynch to the curb! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary for her crimes!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily