Fellow Conservative,

This is huge news. According to the company that housed Hillary Clinton’s email servers, the emails she deleted may be recoverable because the server wasn’t completely wiped.

Right now, the server is in the possession of Obama’s FBI. If the President chooses to green light a prosecution, then Hillary will get what she deserves.

But if Hillary and Obama are able to strike a deal and the investigation is halted, then the contents of her server will be lost for good.

So the question you need to ask yourself is simple: do you trust the Obama administration to follow this investigation through to the end? Do you trust a Democrat President to indict and prosecute the Democrat frontrunner?

If your answer is any form of “no,” then you must take action right now and DEMAND that Congress subpoena and seize a copy of the server’s contents!

Hillary has been losing one percentage point every two-to-three days. That’s the definition of a free-fall.

When Bernie Sanders, a confessed Socialist, began overtaking Hillary in the polls, I knew Hillary’s fate was sealed.

But having her lose the election isn’t justice. There is only two form of justice that is adequate: permanently losing her security clearance and serving prison time.

Hillary Clinton put our national security secrets at risk. She stored photographs from spy satellites on an unsecure email server. These photos included views of North Korean nuclear weapons facilities.

If anyone else did what Hillary did, they would be blacklisted from ever having a Security Clearance again. It would be impossible for them ever to become President.

Likewise, a felony record would disqualify Hillary from ever holding public office. Make no mistake: what she did was worthy of felony charges. She sent and received classified and top secret materials on an unsecure and unsanctioned private email server.

Hillary has claimed that she did nothing wrong because the emails weren’t “marker classified at the time.” Of course her emails weren’t marked classified. The classification board never would have access to the emails on her private server!

It doesn’t take an official “Classified” stamp to make information classified in nature. Discussions with foreign leaders are automatically classified regardless of whether they are marked that way. Photographs of nuclear silos by their very nature are presumed to be classified.

So either Hillary didn’t care about the law or she was too stupid to realize that our enemy’s nuclear weapons details should be kept secret. In either case, she is completely unfit to be President!

Don’t let Hillary get away with it! Demand that Congress secure a copy of her server’s contents and cancel her security clearance!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily