HEY, Speaker Johnson & Congress! Release the J6 Footage, Slash DOD & DOJ Funding, CLOSE the BORDER & MAGA! 
It's been nearly two weeks since Rep Mike Johnson was elected as the new Speaker of the House, he won with a 220:209 vote against Democratic representative Hakeem Jeffries. Mike Johnson has shown himself to be another ally of Trump and shows promise in getting our country and the chaos within back on track. However, as Speaker, there are very important demands that must be made by the people. We must demand to see the release of the January 6th footage, the release of the January 6th prisoners, and the closure of our southern border. Johnson must also start with a clean slate in the Speaker's office.
Mike Johnson seems to be a good choice for the Speaker position. He has been a supporter of Trump in the past, and after his big win, he received a tip of the hat from President Trump himself. According to the Gateway Pundit, Mike Johnson boasts a Liberty Score of 74%. He has been a member of Congress since 2017 and has a generally strong voting record.
He played a key role in initiating the Texas Amicus Brief in 2020 and voted against the certification of the 2020 election results, which he viewed as fraudulent. Johnson has been selective in supporting funding for Ukraine, only voting in favor of the initial funding bill.
Additionally, he is reportedly a strong advocate for national security. Johnson backed Trump’s travel ban on countries considered hotbeds of terrorism. He also served on Trump’s legal defense team during both the 2019 and 2020 Senate impeachment trials.
Speaker Johnson has now been in the Speaker position for nearly two weeks, and the J6 footage has not been released, J6 protestors are still being arrested and held as political prisoners, and our border is still open, along with other things. The time to ACT is NOW! The House and Speaker Johnson must ACT! 
The will of the people must be known… The January 6th footage and the liberation of the January 6th prisoners must happen ASAP, and the border must be SECURED and CLOSED! In addition, to prove his loyalty to the Constitution, Johnson must remove anyone closely associated with McCarthy or anyone who served on his Speaker staff, anyone who is associated with Scalise, or former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Johnson needs to come into the Speakership with a fully clean and new Speaker staff full of true, God-fearing, oath-keeping Americans!
As Speaker of the House, Johnson holds a great deal of power, such as deciding how much funding the DOJ and the DOD receive, meaning he should begin slashing their funding. Let’s demand that Johnson turn individuals like Ray Epps and Merrick Garland into interns! Their staff should receive zero salary using the Holman rule, and until our political prisoners in the DC gulags are free, these consequences should continue to escalate!
Let’s demand to see fresh new faces for the Speaker's staff, individuals who will work tirelessly to defend the Constitution and our rights and uphold their oath!
The House must be the mouthpiece of this message. They must represent the people and hold Johnson accountable during his speakership. They must demand that Johnson use his power for change! Congress, hold Johnson accountable! See to it that he releases the January 6th footage, liberates our political prisoners, restricts DOJ and DOD funding, enacts the Holman rule, CLOSES the Border, and makes America great again!
You Can Also Call Mike Johnson's Office at 202-225-2777!