Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Seven days a week, this community sends targeted, thoughtful messages to our elected and appointed officials in the Executive and Legislative branches of the US federal government.

Today’s letter is special because during Thanksgiving we pause to reflect. 

Undoubtedly, the thing we are most grateful for is you, the American People and our amazing Conservative Daily audience. Thank you for being in the gap and working so hard to reclaim our Republic. We are winning! 

Today, we are sending our 2022 Gratitude List to our supposed representatives in self-government. If you want to add or remove or revise, you can edit the letter before you hit send.

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We hope you all enjoy your holiday, recharge, and get to Arizona if you can! See you there! 

Yours in Liberty,
Conservative Daily 

Happy Thanksgiving, Congress! We hope you take the time this holiday to reflect on the state of our great nation, and we wanted to share with you our 2022 Gratitude List. 

We are grateful for:

  1. The American People, both those popular and those unknown, who are waking up, standing up, and reclaiming our Republic.
  2. The overt midterm election fraud, which has done more to wake up our neighbors and family than all our efforts of the past two years combined. #AZREVOTE
  3. Kari Lake. 
  4. Katie Hobbs’ incompetence and ineptitude as a puppet for the Deep State.
  5. The decision by Hunter Biden to not pick up his laptop all those years ago.
  6. The incredible work of Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo USA.
  7. Jim Jordan, James Comer, and 14 Heroic FBI Whistleblowers. Follow through with no theater, no waste. Live public hearings and a quick trial in the senate. #ImpeachBiden
  8. Missouri et al vs. Biden, and the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana for exposing the criminal collusion and conspiracy to censor and violate SOME Americans’ civil liberties. #ImpeachJoeBiden
  9. Judges who still appreciate the Constitution and rule of law. 
  10. The Bill of Rights and, especially, those who aren’t afraid to exercise, protect, and preserve it. 
  11. Federal whistleblower Tore Maras for releasing the Enjoy the Show documentary and showing us what Trump meant by Central Casting. #CreativeArtistsAgency
  12. The Court decision denying Pfizer’s motion to suppress findings of the genocide that is Covid-19 mRNA gene therapy.
  13. Naomi Wolf, Daily Clout and the countless others who are analyzing the Pfizer horror story and revealing the truth. #Nuremberg
  14. The Embalming and Mortuary trades, and the brave practitioners and experts that are exposing the death clots and the truth about the worst crime on humanity. 
  15. The incredible team that produced the must-watch Died Suddenly documentary. If you won’t take on this genocide, who will? Protecting our rights is literally your only job. Are you leaving it to us?
  16. President Donald J. Trump, and his ongoing leadership of our great nation. 
  17. The massive victories of America First, and all we’ve learned during this recent round of electronic vote manipulation.
  18. The rapidly approaching finale of Joe Biden’s Presidency.
  19. Oath Takers who remember and honor their oaths.
  20. The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost.
  21. Heavenly Providence, guiding the American People during this time. What a time to be alive. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Get on the right side of history. Get on the side of truth and transparency. You’re running out of time, “representatives.”

For what are you grateful, Congress? Remember your oath.