Save The Children is Trafficking Children With YOUR Tax Dollars: Congress MUST Investigate
The United States government, in conjunction with US NGOs, has intervened in Guatemala, interfering with the country's sovereignty, meddling in its politics, and, in a deplorable move, helping facilitate human trafficking from Guatemala into the United States via our open border. The reports coming out of Guatemala regarding the United States' involvement in their country's politics, along with our NGOs facilitating human trafficking, must be met with a full investigation by Congress. Why is the United States controlling other countries' politics, and why are our NGOs, which claim to help children, participating in the enslavement of children? And on top of that, to what extent are our taxpayer dollars being used to destroy nations, take control of their politics, and facilitate literal SLAVERY?! Our taxpayer dollars will NOT be allocated towards these heinous crimes, we demand a TOTAL INVESTIGATION! 
Over the past week, whistleblower information has emerged surrounding the NGO "Save the Children" and the Government Agency, USAID's involvement in Guatemala. Save the Children claims to be an international, non-governmental organization with the goal of improving the lives of children worldwide. They purportedly protect children from child trafficking, early marriage, disease, and malnutrition. However, all of this is smoke and mirrors.
These NGOs are suspected of paying impoverished mothers for their children, promising to bring said children to the United States via the open border, and then disappearing them. In April, Guatemalan prosecutors raided Save the Children's offices and found evidence of abuse on migrant children, as well as participation from the US and other NGO groups in child trafficking operations. This investigation was spearheaded by Prosecutor Rafael Curruchiche, Angel Pineda, and Guatemala's Attorney General Consuelo Porras.
Here's where it gets interesting. Attorney General Consuelo Porras has been under fire for investigating election fraud in recent elections involving the current president, Bernardo Arévalo. Before 2016, the President of Guatemala had the authority to remove the Attorney General "at will," but this changed in 2016. Now, a congressional investigation must be launched due to criminal complaints in order to remove the Attorney General. Currently, Bernardo Arévalo and his associates are attempting to reverse this law to allow the president to once again have the authority to remove the Attorney General at will.
Attorney General Consuelo Porras has been a significant obstacle for Bernardo Arévalo; she is currently investigating the validity of the election that made him president and is also investigating the NGOs and US Government involvement in human trafficking. It's no wonder they want to remove her. 
But who exactly wants to remove her? Obviously, the corrupt Guatemalan government she is exposing, but also, the United States Government's USAID (Brought to you by the citizens of the United States Tax Dollars), which has been against her since 2022 when they placed a sanction on her, stating that "she was engaging in conduct that went against democratic principles." Our government agencies, funded by our tax dollars, are actively meddling in other countries' politics! WHY are we the people paying for this?
It is fairly obvious to assume that the United States is currently meddling in the political affairs of Guatemala. NGOs in correspondence with the United States are facilitating human trafficking into the US, and this situation NEEDS an investigation, not just because our tax dollars are funding these activities, but also because children's lives are in danger. 
We the people now turn to our Congress, our State Congress, our Governors, and any other elected officials to heed our voice. The misappropriation of tax dollars through the organization USAID, and other government agencies to meddle in another countries' politics, while also facilitating the trafficking of children into our nation is an absolute crime. Congress, We demand an investigation into the United States meddling in the Guatemalan government. We demand an immediate investigation into the NGOs that are participating in human trafficking from other countries into our own, and we DEMAND that any and all who are guilty of trafficking crimes and failing to respect the sovereignty of nations face justice.