URGENT: Impeach Governor Michelle Grisham For Her Attempts to Ban Right to Carry Firearms  - WE WILL NOT COMPLY 
New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham, in her delusional state, seems to believe she possesses the authority to trample upon the United States Constitution and dictate the Second Amendment rights of Albuquerque residents under the pretense of "rising crime."
Her objective, masquerading as a declaration of emergency, aims to outlaw the lawful practice of open and concealed carry. Frankly, it's a challenge to wrap my mind around the absurdity of this reality. Who in their right mind, especially an elected official who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, would dare attempt to undermine it, all while invoking emergency powers?
Let me reiterate, Grisham's entire charade of an argument hinges on the increase in crime in Albuquerque, as if banning law-abiding citizens from carrying weapons will magically compel criminals to comply and cease carrying arms –  you can almost hear my eyes rolling.
Grisham, a Democrat in a state under Democratic control, conveniently ignores the fact that while crime may be on the rise nationwide, it predominantly plagues Democrat-led cities. Go figure! So, Grisham, what truly needs to be banned from the city of Albuquerque isn't the right of law-abiding citizens to carry openly or concealed; it's YOU and your fellow inept Democrats who have allowed your cities to decay.
Speaking of Grisham's nonsensical argument for banning open and concealed carry, it's a well-established fact that restrictions on these rights won't reduce the crime rate because, shockingly, criminals don't pay heed to laws or emergency powers. One would think such logic would be self-evident, but apparently not for the Democrats.
I also can't help but point out that Grisham's reasoning, if one can even call it that, for banning open and concealed carry is based on an exceedingly vague justification – because crime is bad right now, we must declare a state of emergency and strip away your rights, just like we did during COVID. If passed, this opens the door for states of emergency to be declared with the same level of ambiguity.
While I do relish the opportunity to label Democrats as fools, especially those like Grisham who rely on feeble arguments to justify their control, this maneuver undoubtedly serves as a calculated test to gauge how much the American population will endure, to see if they will bend and yield to these emergency powers. It's a test – "how far can we encroach upon the citizens' rights, how much power can we exert, will they stand by idly while we trample their Constitution and strip away their rights?"
Individuals like Grisham have a nefarious agenda, a calculated effort to determine whether the American people will passively watch their rights burn or if they will rise up and resist!
This brings me to my demand of Congress – New Mexico's Governor Michelle Grisham poses a genuine threat to the Constitution. She has abjectly failed to uphold her oath and is actively working towards stripping the Second Amendment rights of New Mexico's citizens. For her utter failure to faithfully fulfill her oath to defend the Constitution and the rights of the American people, she must face IMPEACHMENT. Any congressional leader or elected official who lends support to her cause shall immediately be branded as a threat to the American people and our Constitution. Their failure to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution shall come with the consequences of impeachment.
We will not passively stand by as you attempt to strip us of our rights in the name of emergency powers. Always remember, your power exists only by the consent of the people! Keep this in mind...