The United Nations is continuing its assault on American wealth and sovereignty. Unbelievably, various proposals are in the works to tax American citizens and send the money to poorer countries.

The threat has become so serious that delegates to the Republican National Convention have adopted a proposal rejecting United Nations efforts to tax Americans. Now, preserving American freedom and keeping our tax dollars here at home is seeking to be an official part of the GOP platform.

President Obama and extreme liberals in Congress are supportive of these various U.N. efforts, of course, and that is a big reason why the GOP is finding it necessary to come out against any and all efforts at global wealth redistribution.

  • TAX THE RICH: The U.N. World Economic and Social Survey wants to levy a 1% tax on billionaires worldwide.

  • TRANSACTIONS TAX: The U.N. has proposed a tax of .005 percent on financial transactions, also known as the Robin Hood Tax, because it will take money from rich nations and send it to poorer ones.

  • CLIMATE TAX: U.N. official Ottmar Edenhofer told an international panel that climate change policy was “a way to redistribute wealth globally,” and President Obama is on board with introducing a tax that would bypass Congressional approval and force anyone who travels to pay a climate tax.

  • SOCIAL TAX: The U.N. Commission on Social Development met earlier this year and discussed a global “social protection floor” that would be funded by a new world tax.

  • INTERNET TAX: In December, the International Telecommunication Union will meet to debate a global Internet tax.

  • REPLACE THE DOLLAR: The U.N. wants its International Monetary Fund to manage a global monetary system and replace the U.S. dollar in international trade.

  • SUSTAINABILITY TAX: Communities are beginning to rally against the U.N.’s Agenda 21, which the RNC documents call a “comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control.” Agenda 21 would force taxes and regulations upon Americans in the name of sustainable development that would affect the kind of cars we drive, the property we own, the type of travel choices we can make and even how many children we can have.

  • GUN TAX: The U.N. has been working for many years on a Small Arms Treaty will allow them to tax, regulate and control our firearms, weaken America, and destroy our Second Amendment rights.

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The RNC noted that, “The United Nations has not evidenced its capability to properly handle foreign aid and has in face been shown to be wasteful and scandal-ridden. ”

But, even if we could get past the fact that “charity” for poorer nations would be doled out by an organization with a history of corruption, and even if we could ignore that a world body was encroaching upon our system of laws, consider that much of the money being taken out of our wallets and given to the U.N. would likely go to dictatorships and foreign enemies of the U.S.

Or, consider that your money could easily go to a group like the U.N.’s Population Fund, which Obama supports. Already, your American tax dollars have been used to commit forced abortions in China, because Obama approves of this Fund.

Remember, according to Obama, you didn’t really earn that. So imagine all the wonderful places Obama would like to send your money.

Fax Congress and Stop U.N. Tax Efforts

Clearly it would be a violation of our Constitution to allow an international body to impose taxes on Americans, for any reason. However, our President does not embrace our Constitutional rights.

For centuries, Americans have relied on the Constitution to protect us from the radical ideas of socialist ideologues like Obama and his supporters.

However, in four short years, we have seen the lengths to which Mr. Obama will go to ignore that precious document, and we have seen the threads that form the foundation of this nation begin to unravel.

That is why it is extremely important that we support this RNC proposal to preserve America’s sovereignty and stop those in Congress—and the White House—who would give away our freedoms.

Fax Congress and Stop U.N. Tax Efforts

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We already fund about 22% of the U.N., but it’s not enough for them. They will keep coming for any of these taxes are allowed, we will not simply lose our sovereignty; the economic situation in this country, which Obama continues to ignore, could worsen significantly. The Congressional Budget Office issued a report earlier this year stating that just the transactions tax alone could kill jobs here in America and undermine our role as the dominant financial power in the world.

In the coming weeks and months we will do what we can to fight each and every one of these U.N. tax proposals, and unfortunately, it’s very likely we will be introduced to new ones.

As Jonah Goldberg wrote last month in National Review, “the U.N. always provides fresh hells for us to marvel and laugh at.”

Although it’s not very funny, right now what we can do is fight for unanimous support of the RNC proposal and stop greedy and immoral bureaucrats at the U.N. from getting their hands on our money.

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Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily