URGENT: END The Surveillance State! Congress, Do NOT Extend FISA! 
Back in December, Wray met with the Senate Judiciary Committee to advocate for Congress to reauthorize warrantless surveillance powers for the intelligence community without the need to secure a court-issued warrant to review information on Americans swept up in the process – a clear undermining of the Fourth Amendment. Congress allowed for an extension of FISA until next month, April 2024. In response to this upcoming expiration, Intelligence Community Influence Operators have scheduled to meet with the House Intel Committee to once again advocate for FISA’s extension. Congress must take advantage of the upcoming FISA expiration and stop it in its tracks! The people of the United States are sick and tired of being spied on and having our Fourth Amendment rights violated! END The Surveillance State, END FISA!
Section 702 of FISA is on the brink of expiration, April 19th to be exact, presenting a golden opportunity to scrap this egregious overreach of a program designed to monitor the communications of foreign nationals. FISA is a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment, and a mechanism through which our government can justify warrantless searches and surveillance powers on United States citizens who are supposed to be guaranteed the right to privacy.
So who is leading the advocacy for the renewal of FISA? None other than Mike Turner, a deep state pawn who has advocated for reforms that make the unconstitutional FISA-702 exploits even worse than they already are. Turner is no friend of the American freedom movement, which is against the surveillance state; he actively wants to reinforce the government's ability to spy on YOU!
Turner and the House Intel Committee are STILL figuring out these new reforms to FISA-702, which are quoted as “the worst possible outcome” as they expand 702 abuse by expanding the surveillance authority.
Before the extension of FISA in December, Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah) and other lawmakers, representing both sides of the aisle, raised their voices in objection and signed a letter that emphasized the urgency of reforming FISA. Senator Lee rightly argued that Congress should act responsibly, protecting the civil rights of American citizens. Yet, here we are, with reforms that will grant the government greater surveillance power than ever before.
Congress failed to end FISA in December and instead authorized its extension, allowing Americans to endure many more months of our rights being violated. But now they have an opportunity to stand on the right side of history and defend our freedoms! Congress is duty-bound to defend the liberties and rights of the American people. Congress must not extend FISA; they must end this program in its entirety! End the surveillance state!