Border WIN! Why is Abbott Shouldering National Security? Congress, Step UP! Secure the Border!
As we have consistently observed, the government has made it evident that they will continue to allow a full-blown invasion to take place starting at our southern border. The southern border has facilitated the entry of millions of illegal aliens into the United States with total disregard for the usual protocol. Congress MUST close the border and stop these unrelenting invasions!
Yesterday, the crisis at the border saw a HUGE win with the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signing a bill that would make illegal immigration a state crime! This new law would authorize police to arrest people they suspect crossed the Rio Grande between ports of entry. In addition, it would also give Texas law enforcement the authority to arrest illegal immigrants anywhere within the STATE!
That's not all; Abbott also signed a bill allocating more than $1.54 billion for more border barriers! In addition, $40 million of this $1.54 billion will go towards housing for state troopers.
Furthermore, another bill passed which would increase the minimum sentence for illegally housing immigrants from 2 years to 10 years.
Ultimately, the goal of these bills is to deter the mass waves of illegal immigrants from coming in with harsher law enforcement, stronger barriers, and greater consequences.
While the victory down in Texas is one to be celebrated, it is unfortunate that Governor Abbott and all of Texas were put into a position where they were forced to take border and national security into their own hands because of the negligence of Biden and his open border policy.
Congress, along with Biden, KNOWS that there is a crisis at the southern border. Hell, Biden said in a recent speech that Congress should stop their impeachment inquiry of him and instead focus on national crises like the Border! So why isn't Congress doing ANYTHING!
The actions of Governor Abbott are commendable, but Congress should have stepped in long before his hand was forced. Why is it that he, along with the Texas Senate, are being forced to shoulder the burden of dealing with our nation's security? Where is Congress in all of this?
Congress needs to act! They know that there is a crisis at the southern border, and their continued negligence is a slap in the face to all Americans. Congress MUST not only secure the border but CLOSE it! In addition, they need to begin deporting as many illegal immigrants as they can! It's time to support individuals like Governor Abbott; the burden to secure our nation should not rest on the shoulders of Abbott and the Texas Senate; Congress should be acting! We demand a secured and closed border; we demand the arrests and deportation of illegal immigrants, and we demand that the citizens of the United States and our national security take priority!