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Tonight Joe Biden will deliver his second State of the Union Address. He is expected to tout his “accomplishments” in the Ukraine, the Economy, Inflation and the Economy, and more. 

For those of us in the real world, Biden is an unmitigated disaster and everyone around him and enabling him is unfit to lead America, during this time or any other. From Breitbart:

“Just 39 percent of American adults believe the state of the union is strong before President Joe Biden likely declares it so during Tuesday’s State of the Union address. According to Monmouth polling from Monday, less than four in ten Americans say the state of the union is strong, while fifty-eight percent say it is not strong. Among those who doubt the union’s strength, 32 percent say the union is not too strong and 26 percent deem it not at all strong.”

You know it. We know it. You know we know it. The Union is in ruin. 

Stop the gaslight and remove the criminal corruption from within your ranks. Hold the Executive Branch accountable. 

Remember Your Oath.