PUT AMERICA FIRST: Zelensky NEEDS More Money! STOP Sending OUR Money To Ukraine! 
It was just last week that we discussed how the Biden administration is trying to pass an additional $106 billion in emergency aid, primarily for Ukraine and Israel. Fortunately, many in the GOP had the common sense to block this package and instead attempt to strike up a deal to have a border security act (H.R.2) passed in return for supporting the emergency aid package. While Congress is bickering over the aid, Zelensky has found himself quite impatient for his next big allowance and has decided to come and throw a tantrum to Biden, in person, on Tuesday. Congress MUST not pass ANY aid to Ukraine, coupled with Israel; focus on HOME, focus on the American People, fund OUR NATION!
Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky will travel to Washington Tuesday to meet President Joe Biden and plead his case before Republicans balking at sending more money for his fight against Russia, amid warnings aid will run out in weeks. It's not as if we have already sent BILLIONS of dollars in aid, equipment, resources, and everything else in between.
Reportedly, Biden and Zelensky “will discuss Ukraine’s urgent needs” as it fights off a Russian invasion, and “the vital importance of the United States’ continued support at this critical moment.”
Why are we sending billions of dollars overseas? Why are we funding wars all while we are drowning in debt? Why hasn't our open border been addressed up until now? The American people MUST take priority over ALL. We have called time and time again for the closure of our southern border, and time and time again, our calls fall on deaf ears. We DEMAND accountability, we demand responsibility, and most of all, we demand that our southern border is closed — STOP sending money overseas, FUND AMERICA!