To the fact checkers undoubtedly scouring this page to nitpick, this is an opinion piece and, according to Facebook's terms, cannot be fact checked.

It is not a conspiracy theory. It is not conjecture. Barack Obama's FBI spied on Donald Trump's campaign Yesterday, Kevin Clinesmith (shown above), an FBI lawyer who worked on Robert Mueller's team, agreed to plead guilty to making a false statement to the FBI and the Fisa Court.

As we have covered, the FBI's effort to spy on the Trump campaign was, in large part, based on a secret surveillance warrant to spy on campaign advisor Carter Page. The FBI used that surveillance warrant to probe into whether Page, and other members of the Trump campaign, were "colluding" with Russia.

There was just one problem: it was a lie. The entire narrative of "Russian collusion" was a lie. The FBI knew that as soon as they started looking into it.

Fisa Warrants are used to investigate Americans believed to be working on behalf of foreign governments. The Fisa process is more secretive than an open court, and as a result the government is bound by much stricter rules. In order to have one of these secret surveillance warrants renewed, the government has to prove to the court that their initial suspicions were correct. In other words, if the government claims that an American is working as a foreign spy, and a judge gives them permission to listen in on that person's phone calls for a couple months, they need to be able to provide proof that the person is a spy in order to get their warrant renewed.

So, in the case of Carter Page, the FBI needed to prove that they had at least some evidence that Page was communicating with Russian agents to benefit Russia. There was one MAJOR flaw in that theory, though: Carter Page was a CIA asset. Yes, he routinely talked with Russians, but he did so to benefit America, not Russia. FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, responsible for putting together the Fisa warrant extension applications, asked the CIA whether this was true.

The CIA responded by email that Carter Page "did, in fact, have a prior relationship with that other agency." If the FBI had turned that email over to the Judge, their surveillance warrant would have been withdrawn. It would have proved that Carter Page was a patriot, not a russian spy.

Kevin Clinesmith altered that email and rewrote it to say that Carter Page was "not a source" and submitted that fraudulent document to help get the warrant renewed.

That was willful and criminal. It was not a process crime left up to the interpretation of prosecutors. Kevin Clinesmith deliberately altered a document and submitted it as evidence to allow the government to continue surveilling an innocent American. This is the moment that, without a doubt, legal surveillance turned into spying.

Here is the wonderful part. Kevin Clinesmith has admitted that he also gave the original, unedited CIA email to other FBI and Mueller team officials. He wasn't the only one who withheld this crucial bit of evidence from the Fisa court... There were other Deep State agents who knew the truth, but passed off lies to allow them to continue spying on Trump and his aides.

And they have all testified and lied before Congress, claiming that they did everything by the book...

Don't let the GOP sweep the deep state's crimes under the rug! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE them to drag these Obama-era criminals in to testify!

That is what makes this so easy. Each and every person involved in this conspiracy has testified, under oath, that the surveillance was legal and done by-the-book. Except if Clinesmith forwarded the original CIA email to them, and they signed off on the fraudulent application anyway, then they committed felonies too.

Lots of leftists are trying to pretend that this is no big deal. They are acting like Clinesmith fabricating a document was no big deal.

Carter Page is a former Naval Intelligence Officer and a graduate of the US Naval Academy. Like every American, he has a 4th Amendment right to privacy. The government can only violate that right to privacy if they can prove to a judge that he is likely a criminal.

Clinesmith knew that Page was a CIA source and that he was innocent. He broke the law to allow his Deep State friends to continue spying on Page. And it gets worse. The fraudulent surveillance warrant also allowed the government to spy on people talking to Carter Page and whoever was talking to them. It is bad enough that Clinesmith's lie allowed the government to spy on one innocent man. But it also allowed the government to spy on potentially hundreds or even thousands of other people.

This is called "Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law," also known as Abuse of Power. And Clinesmith has now admitted that there were other FBI officials involved.

Here is the good news. Each and every one of the traitors involved in this coup -- people like James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, even Robert Mueller himself -- they have all testified, under oath, that no laws were broken and the investigation was done by the book. Congress has the authority to call these criminals in to testify, answer for their crimes, and pressure them to turn on one another.

But as we reported earlier this week, a handful of GOPers are blocking those subpoenas from going out. They want the Obama administration criminals to get away with it...

Don't let the GOP sweep the deep state's crimes under the rug! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE them to drag these Obama-era criminals in to testify!

Mitt Romney is the main GOPer blocking Senators Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham from issuing subpoenas against these Deep State traitors. Romney says he doesn't like the "optics" of investigating Obama officials so close to the election. He would much rather run out the clock and give Democrats a chance to take over and bury it all under the rug...

Now that the first Mueller official is pleading guilty to a crime, the GOP is anxious to stop this before it goes any further.

We need you to stand up and fight! We need you to hold the GOP's feet to the fire and force them to drag these criminals in to answer for their crimes!

We need you to get loud right now!

Don't let the GOP sweep the deep state's crimes under the rug! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE them to drag these Obama-era criminals in to testify!

Fight back now!

Joe Otto

Conservarive Daily