The State calls him Kurt Jantz.

Vice calls him "the Mayor of MAGAville."

Fans call him Forgiato Blow.

His latest single, "Mike Lindell American Patriot," has shown up, likely multiple times, in conservative chats on every social platform following last week's raid on the MyPillow Chief Executive. Even non-rap afficianados are sharing his latest.

Forgiato Blow's musicality has been described to this reporter as "Insane Clown Posse and Rage Against the Machine had a baby that resembles Tom MacDonald." It fits. "Mike Lindell American Patriot" comes at you hard, with a metal vibe that amplifies a message that spotlights the frustrations of half the country: The persecution of political opposition has gone too far.

The Mayor of MAGAville is striking a chord with more than 50% of the country who, according to all recent polling, believe our elections are actually selection theatre. 

Don't miss the show today. If you haven't yet heard Forgiato Blow's new single, we got you.