President Trump just announced that he will sign an executive order instructing federal law enforcement agencies to begin using the Veterans Memorial Preservation Act to prosecute "protesters" destroying Federal statues. Usually, this is a local or state issue because they have jurisdiction. However, when it comes to memorials honoring veterans, that is when Federal law comes into play.

This law allows for a 10 year prison sentence against anyone who destroys a statue or monument dedicated to a veteran. And yes, that includes the Andrew Jackson statue near the White House that the Left tried to tear down last night...

Democrats, however, are taking the opposite approach. Instead of punishing these mobs, the Left is encouraging statues to be torn down.

In New York City, the Democrat city government has agreed to take down a statue of Theodore Roosevelt in front of the Natural History Museum. If you have ever seen the movie Night at the Museum, this statue is the inspiration for the statue in the movie that comes to life and is played by Robin Williams. But leftists think Teddy Roosevelt -- the first President to invite a black man to the White House for dinner -- is a racist, so they want it taken down.

In Boston, that city's mayor has also agreed to tear down a statue commemorating... Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves. That is right, a statue commemorating Lincoln freeing the slaves has now been deemed "racist" as well...

Nancy Pelosi wants to double down on this lunacy and start tearing down statues within the Capitol Building. Yes, you read that correctly. She wants to topple statues within Statuary Hall.

There are 100 statues on Statuary hall. Each state has gifted the Congress two statues. Not surprisingly, many years ago, southern states sent statues depicting men who fought on the side of the Confederacy. Now, you are free to think that is objectionable. Personally, it does feel a little weird to have a statue of Jefferson Davis staring down at you when you visit the Capitol.  

In the last 10 years, the state legislatures in Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida have all voted to replace their statues in Statuary Hall. More states are debating doing the same.

But the main point here is Nancy Pelosi doesn't have the power to just take them down on her own. And yet, that is what she is trying to do...

Stop Nancy Pelosi and her GOP allies from erasing our history! Send your urgent message to Congress and FORCE them to kill the Far Left's attempt to erase our history!

On Friday, we reported Nancy Pelosi ordered four paintings to be removed from the Speaker's Lobby of the Capitol. All four paintings were honoring past Speakers of the House. Three served as Speaker before the Civil War, and one served as Speaker of the House a quarter century after the Civil War ended.

She said that she was removing "Confederate" portraits. But that was a lie. Charles Crisp was one of the Speakers who had his painting removed. In 1861, Crisp was 16 years old and traveling the country with his parents, who were actors in a traveling Shakespeare troupe. When the Civil War broke out, they happened to be in Virginia (south of the Mason Dixon line). Crisp wasn't a racist, he was an immigrant. But at the age of 16, like everyone else his age, he was called to serve in the Virginia Infantry. Crisp didn't have a particularly notable service. His most noteworthy "accomplishment" was that he was captured and spent the last year of the war as a POW.

His painting in Congress was not a Civil War or Confederate painting. It was his official portrait as Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi is lying.

But she doesn't care. Like the rest of the anarchists trying to topple statues, Nancy Pelosi simply wants to gut as much of our history as she can.

Pelosi is planning to rush a package to the floor that would take a hatchet to our history and remove any paintings, statues, and even military base names that Democrats now find objectionable.

Want to know how radical her demands are? Pelosi also wants to take down state flags that contain confederate imagery. Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi all have design elements in their state flags that can be traced back to the Confederacy. Mississippi actually passed a Constitutional amendment in 2001 cementing its flag into its state constitution. Pelosi now wants to remove all of these flags from the Capitol Building as well until the states agree to change the designs. Just think for a second how insane that kind of demand is...

This is what happens when you give the Left an inch. They go for a mile...

Pelosi is rushing this to the floor because she believes she has the votes. She believes that she has convinced enough Republicans to cave.

It is up to YOU right now to stop this surrender and the gutting of our history before it's too late!

Stop Nancy Pelosi and her GOP allies from erasing our history! Send your urgent message to Congress and FORCE them to kill the Far Left's attempt to erase our history!

People are free to agree and disagree over what each state's flag should look like (though that ultimately is a decision that should be left up to the people of that state).

As I mentioned before, it is a little strange seeing a statue of Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States of America, looking down on visitors walking through the Capitol Building.

But at the same time, I understand why these types of images were allowed. Post-Civil War Reconstruction was not easy. Convincing people to put aside their animosities and rejoin the American nation was not easy. There was a deliberate effort made to avoid demonizing Confederate officers and soldiers. With the exception of bona fide war criminals, everyone else involved in the Confederacy was given pardons and reintegrated into society.

That took a lot of guts. It would have been far easier to have destroyed the south (ala Sherman) rather than build it back up. Working towards reconciliation is with out a doubt more difficult than seeking retribution. But even in death, Abraham Lincoln's words rang true: a house divided cannot stand.

But today's Left has a different agenda. They want to tear down this country, not lift it up. They want to erase our history, not teach it.

They will never stop. If you let them get away with this, they will not stop until the America that you know and love is dead.

Nancy Pelosi does not have the power to erase our history on her own. That is why she is pushing so hard for an Act of Congress.

You must fight back right now!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily