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Last week, journalist Benny Johnson interviewed House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) about the progress of issuing criminal referrals against Dr. Anthony Fauci for lying to Congress.

“So, specifically before your committee, and also before Rand Paul over in the Senate, Dr. Fauci has, of course, absolved himself of all funding of gain-of-function. He said he doesn’t know anything about it. It is verifiable and demonstrable that he lied. Now, there are codes in Congress. I have a code right here, 18 U.S. Code 1001,” Johnson said, and Jordan confirmed the accuracy of the US code before Johnson continued, “Statements — false statements to Congress. Says you can be imprisoned, says you can be imprisoned for eight years if you lie to Congress. It seems like there has never been a more clear-cut case of some individual lying to Congress.”

After talking about the hurdles of criminal referrals landing in the Biden Justice Department, Jordan shared his preferred path forward. 

“You could, have to have one of the committees, the Senate Judiciary Committee could do a referral. I doubt they will with the Democrats in charge,” Jordan replied, before continuing, “I would, frankly, prefer just to have Dr. Fauci come back in and take another round of questions here, but we’re building the case. You know, like, we had Dr. Redfield testify last week, Chairman Wenstrup did. I thought he was — I thought he was great. As were the other witnesses that were brought in.”

The creeping pace of justice is maddening when the pace of tyranny has been so rapid. Senator Rand Paul first announced his plans for a criminal referral of Dr. Fauci, for lying to Congress, in July of 2021. 

“Dr. Fauci, as you’re aware, it is a crime to lie to Congress,” Senator Paul began his interrogation of Fauci. “Section 1001 of the U.S. Criminal Code creates a felony and a five-year penalty for lying to Congress… On your last trip to our committee on May 11th, you stated that the NIH has not ever and has not now funded gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology…And yet, gain of function research was done entirely in the Wuhan Institute by Dr. Shi and was funded by the NIH.”

Did you catch that, legislators? There has been no accountability for the lies and misrepresentations of Dr. Fauci and the Biden Administration going back to their provably false lies of July 2021. It’s now March of 2023, but you want us to believe that this historical arc is bending towards justice?  

It is long past time that the American people are allowed to access justice. Dr. Fauci and the entire federal covid response is marked by full scale deception of the American people for government and corporate pharmaceutical benefit. 

You don’t need to “build a case.” You need to try the case. It’s open and shut. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Prosecute the government and corporate COVID response immediately. Investigations without action and results are just theater. The American People deserve justice.

Remember your oath.