Democrats routinely attach feel-good names to pieces of legislation to make them easier to pass, even if the name has little to do with the actual bill (like how Pelosi's 4Trillion spending bill is called the "Heroes Act" because it includes a tiny amount of funding for first responders...).

But every now and then, Democrats don't try to hide what they're doing. Once in a while, they actually admit to their scheme.

That is what H.R. 6666 does. The Covid-19 Testing, Reaching, and Contacting (TRACE) Act, introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), is literally designed to make it easier for state and local governments to force their way into your home to enforce quarantine and testing regulations.

Yes, the Democrats actually assigned bill number 6666 (the sign of the beast) to this legislation. In this case, the devil truly is in the details...

The bill seems pretty harmless. Who wouldn't want extra Federal funding for coronavirus testing? At least, that's how Democrats describe their bill. But it only takes a second to see why this legislation is so dangerous.

H.R.6666 would provide 100 million in federal funding to state and local governments, as well as non-profit organizations, to do two things: (1) fund mobile testing centers and (2) "as necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences."

That is the language that has Conservatives worried. Now, to their credit, the bill does promise that no one's rights will be violated. The question is whether or not you believe Democrats when they make that promise, considering that these are the same people who think new gun bans wouldn't violate the 2nd Amendment... Personally, I don't believe them for a second.

The truth is that this legislation does allow government officials to use Federal funding to force their way into people's homes to carry out testing and quarantine policies. No matter what Democrats and their media allies say, that is a fact.

We mobilized Conservatives last month to block this legislation, and for a while it had appeared that we won that fight. But with the numbers of cases rising in the country, Democrats are promising to take another stab at passing this bill. You must stop them!

Help defeat the Trace Act right now! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL H.R.6666 before it's too late!

Last month, we told you about an Oregon woman named Lindsey Graham (no relation to the South Carolina Senator. As the owner of a hair salon, she defied her state's lockdown order and re-opened her salon so that her hairdressers could earn a living.

She was promptly hit with a 14k fine, which she expected. But what she didn't expect was for one of the state's Child Protective Services agents to show up at her door. Someone had filed a "credible report" against her for child abuse/neglect because she re-opened her business (which supposedly put her child at risk). The agent demanded to speak with Lindsey's 6-year-old son alone, without a parent present. The agent then searched her entire home for anything that could be used to remove the kid from the home. They even searched underneath the toilet seats...

I mention this case because it is one of the most frightening examples of government tyranny that we have seen since the lockdowns started.

And it isn't just in Oregon. One California official went on-record saying that contact tracing would involve government officials going into people's homes to "find people who have Covid-19 and immediately isolate them, find every one of their contacts [and] make sure they stay quarantined." When he realized the next day what he had admitted to, he tried to recant. But even then, he admitted that health officials would still have to go into people's homes...

This is not fake news. This is happening.

All across this country, we are seeing state and local governments abusing their emergency powers to ruin livelihoods and, yes, force their way into people's homes. H.R.6666 would make this tyranny Federally funded.

That is why you must fight back against this bill right now!

Help defeat the Trace Act right now! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL H.R.6666 before it's too late!

As I said, I thought we had killed this bill in May. But with the number of cases in the country increasing, Democrats believe the time is right to take another shot at passing this tyrannical bill into law. More Congressmen are now signing onto the bill as co-sponsors in preparation for a floor vote.

Democrats are confident that enough time has passed for them to push this bill through without having to deal with another backlash. They are assuming that you won't be paying enough attention to notice what they are doing.

But now that you know the truth about this bill, and the radical kinds of "contact tracing" programs that it would fund, you must rise up and stop it before Democrats succeed in rushing it through!

Help defeat the Trace Act right now! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL H.R.6666 before it's too late!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily