WE WON'T COMPLY: The New Covid Vaccines Are at Our Doorstep – The American People Do NOT Consent!
Readers, the new pandemic is ramping up, and while tensions seem to be dying down for now, especially with the backlash of the American citizens, the FDA, CDC, WHO, and our own government are quietly approving emergency use authorization to another round of experimental COVID-19 vaccines.  WE DO NOT COMPLY!
A few weeks ago the news was full of reports regarding colleges, universities, businesses, and other institutions shamelessly reinforcing the absurd COVID-19 mandates from 2020 – including the masking, incessant testing, and senseless social distancing. 
On top of that, reports indicated that the Biden Administration is allegedly contemplating the imposition of yet another suffocating lockdown/mandate due to the slight uptick in COVID infections.
In this report from the War Room, it's revealed that the Biden administration has begun stocking up on COVID-19 equipment and hiring a bunch of so-called safety advisors.
Interestingly, there hasn't been much news regarding the new pandemic… Maybe the backlash from the American public worked? 
While I wish that was the case, instead, the resurgence of the COVID pandemic was temporarily brought back into the shadows, and the controlled media was told to decrease reporting. 
Now, remember when I said that the Biden administration had the brilliant plan to shove booster shots down our throats this fall? Well, the FDA has granted “emergency use” authorization to another round of experimental COVID-19 vaccines. 
Sure, there is an increase in COVID infections, that is to be expected during the cold season… People get sick when it's colder! People are more likely to get a cold or the flu, or say coronavirus, during the winter months. By no means should this be a reason to authorize emergency use of a vaccine that has been found to cause serious health complications. 
Here's a crystal-clear message to our esteemed congressional members – If you even think about whispering support for any form of lockdown or mandate, you better brace yourselves to be forcibly ejected from your positions.
And just to drive the point home, let's be perfectly clear – the American people aren't blind. We see right through the charade, the sneaky maneuvers aimed at paving the way for more unconstitutional power grabs. We refuse to stand idly by as you all, once more, strip us of our freedoms, manipulate us, and try to enslave us under the ruse of yet another COVID variant. WE DO NOT COMPLY TO YOUR COVID TYRANNY!