Poisoning Humanity - Demand Criminal Charges for Covid Jab - WEF, WHO, GAVI, Gates, Fauci, Klaus Schwab, and Pfizer!
The son of one of the co-founders of the World Economic Forum (WEF), now a retired Swiss banker, is calling for justice against the individuals responsible for the global distribution of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. Pascal Najadi, the son of Hussain Najadi, resides in Switzerland and is advocating for criminal charges to be brought against all those involved in the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. These charges would encompass the WEF, the WHO, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, and Pfizer. It is imperative that we see criminal charges for those connected to the COVID-19 vaccine. Congress needs to understand the will of the people. We don't simply need to withdraw from the WHO, CDC, and UN; we need to witness criminal charges for those associated with these vaccines, they are bioweapons!
Pascal Najadi, whose father Hussain Najadi, the co-founder of the WEF, is reportedly teaming up with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger to demand full criminal prosecution for all those involved in COVID vaccine distribution, which they both rightfully assert to be bioweapons.
Najadi and Dr. Stuckelberger have collaborated on a new documentary film titled "Cutting off the Head of the Snake," which delves into the democide caused by COVID vaccine stakeholders, including the WEF, WHO, CDC, Pfizer, Gates, Fauci, and others, all under the pretext of combating a global "pandemic."
Najadi is credited with the recent resignation of Swiss President Alain Berset, against whom Najadi filed a criminal lawsuit in the Swiss Supreme Court, accusing Berset of making false claims about the "safety" and "effectiveness" of mRNA COVID vaccines.
This is significant because it demonstrates that individuals in positions of power can indeed be removed from their roles due to their involvement in COVID vaccinations. The WEF, WHO, GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bill Gates all advocated for a global vaccination campaign; therefore, they must face criminal charges.
It is of utmost importance that we follow Najadi's lead and demand the criminal prosecution of those in the WEF, the WHO, the CDC, the UN, Bill Gates, Fauci, Pfizer, and many others. They were all complicit in releasing a bioweapon into the world, therefore, they should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity.
We are aware that this vaccine has been linked to irreversible side effects, cases of individuals suddenly dying, including healthy young people, and reports of heart failure. More than 5.55 billion people worldwide have received a Covid-19 vaccine. These 5.55 billion individuals have received an experimental shot known to cause serious side effects and death. They are victims of a bioweapon.
The solution is clear. Those involved in the development of the COVID vaccine, those who advocated for it despite its experimental nature, must face charges for crimes against humanity. They were fully aware of the consequences of their actions, they must be held accountable.