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Perhaps one of the greatest impacts of your tyranny on the people is our expanding capability to decode the “news.” 

A top story everywhere today is the newly declassified House Intelligence Committee report – signed by Adam Schiff – that appears to confirm the lab leak theory. We presume that Senator Rand Paul can interview Anthony Fauci whom, it appears, lied under oath. 

More interesting, however, is the timeline of events that is becoming clear to us:

  • October 18, 2019: Event 201 Pandemic “Simulation”
  • November 17, 2019: First case of Covid in China (Hubei) – just a month later! 
  • February 23, 2020: Massive outbreaks in Italy reported
  • February 24, 2020: Nancy Pelosi downplays pandemic risk in Chinatown
  • February 25, 2020: Spread outside of China surpasses spread inside of China (NIH)

The timing of those last two are particularly interesting given that (1) The Speaker of the House would definitely be briefed on the severity of the pandemic, and (2) the substance of Speaker Pelosi’s remarks that day:

“I’m here today, particularly, to say thank you to the community for the sense of family values and sense of community that they provide.  

But also to say to everyone: we should come to Chinatown.  Precautions have been taken by our city.  We know that there is concern surrounding tourism, traveling all throughout the world, but we think it’s very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come. 

It’s lovely here. The food is delicious, the shops are prospering, the parade was great. Walking tours continue. Please come and visit and enjoy Chinatown.”

Attempting now to blame “intelligence failures” for the mishandling of the pandemic ignores the timeline and facts. We’re onto you. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Stop lying. We demand accountability for the Covid Cover-up..

Accountability starts with looking at YOUR OWN actions and rhetoric and the impact it had on pandemic response. It’s not immaterial. Not even a little. 

Remember Your Oath.