More than 26 million Americans are now unemployed. Small business owners, if they have been able to keep the lights on so far, are warning that they could still go bankrupt unless they are allowed to re-open their businesses.

The economic pain around the country is real. But do you know who hasn't been force to feel any pain? Congress.

Nancy Pelosi has refused to bring Congress back into session, choosing instead to hide away in her San Francisco home, eating mail-order ice cream. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, after ranting about how politicians aren't doing their jobs, hosted a livestream teaching her followers how to make the perfect margarita (she is a bartender, after all...).

If one of my employees tried to pull these stunts, their pay would be cut and if they still refused to do their job, they'd be fired.

And yet with Congress, we are told to make an exception. We are told that even though these people refuse to do the job they were elected to do, we should all still pay them anyway.


Stand up and fight! Quick, send your instant message to Congress right now and ORDER them to get back to work, or else suffer a complete paycut!

Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats announced that they were only going to truly gavel into session for 112 days this year.

Let me put it another way: even before the Coronavirus reached our shores, Democrats in the House had already planned to take 70% of the year off... 

The Senate is only a little better. Before the Coronavirus, the Senate planned to work in DC for 150 days, or roughly 41% of the year. Now, to his credit, Mitch McConnell has brought the Senate back to DC during this outbreak to consider legislation and vote on judicial appointments. The Senate will likely work more days than were originally scheduled. But the fact of the matter is that even with McConnell calling the Senate back into session like this, they will still spend half of the year off...

This is unacceptable.

The last time that Congress took a paycut was 1933. With the Great Depression in full swing, Congress agreed to cut their pay by a combined 15.5% (they cut their pay twice, once in '32 and again in '33). Since then, Congressional pay has only increased.

At the peak, 15 million Americans were out of work during the Depression. Compare that to 26.5+ million unemployed Americans today.

And yet, not only does Congress believe they should be immune from paycuts, but they think they should get paid to sit at home and not work...

Now way!

No work, no pay! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and ORDER them to get back to work, or else suffer a total paycut!

Over the years, we have rallied Conservatives to this cause and blocked Congress from giving itself a payraise. We did it most recently last year, when Democrats were forced to abandon their plans to give themselves raises.

The pressure does work. We are already seeing House and Senate primary challengers on the Left and the Right making Congressional paycuts to be a pillar of their campaigns. The pressure is building.

Even still, we are seeing idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer criticize President Trump's plan to re-open the American economy. Of course they don't care how quickly economy gets re-opened. They know that they will get paid regardless...

Now is the time to join the fight and help us push this across the finish line!

Our message is simple: If Congress wants to get paid, then they need to do the job. But if they would prefer to sit at home and do nothing, then they should get paid nothing.

But the only way we can win this fight is with your help!

Stand up and fight! Quick, send your instant message to Congress right now and ORDER them to get back to work, or else suffer a 100% paycut!

We can do this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily