Did Abe Lincoln support Donald Trump for President?

This is the question of our time and it was posed by none other than Chelsea Clinton. Forget about the limits of the space-time continuum and forget about the fact that 81 years separate Lincoln's death and Trump's birth.

The Clinton daughter took to social media to seek confirmation that a photo showing Abraham Lincoln in a MAGA hat was photoshopped.

First of all, the picture of Abraham Lincoln is from the five dollar bill. Now, it is obvious that Chelsea Clinton probably hasn't handled small change in a while. But one would think... one would hope... that the daughter of a President wouldn't be so dense as to think that this was real. I mean, come on. It's a red hat super-imposed on a black and white etching of a long-dead President.

Is she worried that the five dollar bill has been redesigned to include a MAGA hat? Or is she nervous that Old Abe hopped in Doc Brown's DeLorean and was actually photographed wearing a Trump hat?

There are just so many levels of stupid to Chelsea Clinton's tweet. The internet was not kind to her.

Totally happened.

Please... she might actually think you're being serious.

Alright, that last one is pretty good.

But seriously, this is the woman that Democrats are grooming to become the next Senator for the State of New York. And here she is, seeming genuinely confused about whether a black and white etching of Abraham Lincoln, made famous by the $5 bill, was photoshopped to include a red Make America Great Again hat.

The answer is yes, Chelsea. This is photoshopped. And no, saying you were just kidding doesn't make it any better.