Fellow Conservative,

We just received a major development in the push to get the Obama administration criminals prosecuted and thrown behind bars!

The more the Left and RINOs try to go after President Trump, the more we learn about the crimes committed under the Obama administration. While Robert Mueller is struggling to find a crime to charge Trump's aides with, it is absolutely clear that Obama's cronies broke the law... hundreds of times.

Now, the House Judiciary Committee has demanded a full criminal investigation into Obama's aides, advisors, and cabinet members.

It is clear now that James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and even Obama's UN Ambassador Samantha Power committed grave crimes in their attempts to cover-up Hillary Clinton's crimes and go after Donald Trump.

We have never been this close to holding these Obama criminals accountable. Now we need to push this over the edge and DEMAND the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to go after Obama and his cronies!

It's happening! Join the fight and make sure that Congress charges and prosecutes these Obama administration criminals. Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND immediate action!

Let's go down the list. James Comey lied under oath when he claimed that he only decided not to prosecute Hillary after he interviewed her. We now know that two FBI agents have testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Comey made this decision months before she was ever interrogated. When Lindsey Graham figured this out, he called Comey a rat. Comey committed perjury, which is a felony and punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Loretta Lynch lied under oath when she said she conducted all her official business on her official email account. We know now that after she held her illegal meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private plane, she used a secret email account - named after her grandmother - to coordinate the cover-up with the DOJ and Obama White House. That is also perjury and punishable by five years in prison.

Susan Rice admitted to Congressional investigators that she misused her authority to spy on the Trump transition team just weeks before the inauguration. She wasn't happy that he was talking with world leaders so she used her powers to unmask members of the Trump transition so she could see what they were saying. Not only is this unconstitutional, but it is a felony punishable by prison time.

And UN Ambassador Samantha Power has now been revealed to be the head of the Obama administration's attempts to spy on Trump. She submitted hundreds of "unmasking" requests, most during her final days in office. She was literally spying on Trump and his aides up to the minute they shut down her access. There is absolutely no reason for the UN Ambassador to be submitting dozens of unmasking requests on the incoming administration, just days before taking office. That is a crime and illegal surveillance for political purposes is punishable by prison time.

Then, there is President Obama himself. Just before leaving office, he signed an executive order making it easier for intelligence to be shared across the government. This allowed him to share all of the illegal surveillance his White House had performed, even though it was done without a warrant.

We are talking serious prison time for the lot of them. Not only did they seem to conspire to save Hillary Clinton from prosecution, but they weaponized the intelligence establishment against their political adversary.

The pressure is working. More Congressmen are starting to talk about launching an investigation. This is exactly the moment we have been waiting for!

 Hold Congress' feet to the fire and demand that these Obama administration criminals behind bars be prosecuted! Send your FaxBlast - delivered instantly to every Congressional office - demanding full prosecution!

The Democrats forced a Special Prosecutor to be appointed, even though there wasn't even a crime. They didn't name a single crime that they accused Trump of committing. Meanwhile, I just listed off close to half a dozen crimes committed by Obama officials and that's barely scratching the surface.

The Democrats have proven they are willing to do whatever is necessary to smear President Trump, including accusing him of being a traitor. Meanwhile, all the Obama criminals have been able to walk free.

No more...

It is time to finish all of this. It is time to, once and for all, start throwing these Obama-era criminals and traitors behind bars. With the support of the House Judiciary Committee, this actually has a real chance of happening, but only if you get loud and hold Congress' feet to the fire.

We are writing the future history books through our actions, right now. Future historians will write of this time in American history. They will either write about how the most criminal administration in American history was able to ride off into the sunset, unharmed. Or, they will write about brave patriots who fought and made sure that the previous administration's criminals were prosecuted for their crimes.

I, for one, refuse to go quietly. I refuse to allow these traitors to get away with their crimes and I refuse to let Congress protect them from prosecution. 

How do you want history to remember this?

We are so close. Let's finish this!

Please, join this fight and start putting Obama administration criminals behind bars! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress and demand they charge these Obama criminals and refer them directly for prosecution!

Lock. Them. Up.

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily