WAR Coming Through The BORDER: They Will Bring the War to Us & It’ll Be Through Our OPEN Border
The recent attack on Israel by HAMAS, and the United States' outspoken support for Israel, further emphasizes the necessity for our border to be CLOSED and SECURED, along with the prompt deportation of the millions of illegal immigrants that have made their way across our currently open border. In times of conflict and war, we must focus on SECURING our OWN nation - Congress must secure and CLOSE our Border! 
The border crisis just keeps getting worse. Congress MUST ACT NOW! We must use our voices as much as we can! This issue, this crisis, the invasion, is a great threat to our nation that seeks to DESTROY what has made this country FREE and great! We must SECURE the BORDER! 
The border crisis continues to evolve, it's an issue that must be discussed over and over again until the root of the problem, the open border, is solved, or should I say secured. Since Biden assumed office, over 7 million illegal immigrants have crossed the US southern border. 
In September 2023, at Least 260,000 Illegals Crossed the Border. 
As discussed, the border invasion carries many consequences. To summarize, an open border has enabled human trafficking, mainly women and children, to be easily enslaved and transported into the United States; over 85,000 unaccompanied minors are unaccounted for. In addition, we are seeing an increase in fentanyl on our streets, specifically ravaging our homeless population. And we are seeing an exponential increase in crime.  
All of these facts are a very real concern that alone warrants the closure of the border, however, the problem is emphasized and becomes much more critical, with the recent attack on Israel. 
It has been reported that it's not just individuals from Mexico or South America coming in droves to our border, it is also individuals from Africa and the Middle East. 
Why is this a problem? Why should this ring the alarm bells of every American citizen? 
Our open border enables practically anyone to get into our country without the proper documentation; ICE has ADMITTED that they often lack the proper documentation from immigrants, are unable to verify addresses, and are unable to track individuals who have come through. 
Who KNOWS who is coming into our country? 
And on top of all that, many illegal immigrants are being granted hotels, reloadable credit cards issued by the government, resources that not even the average struggling American CITIZEN can easily access. 
There are concerns that terrorists, receiving resources from our Government, invited into this country, could attack American citizens. This MUST end! 
In times of war, whether the United States is involved or not, we must secure OUR nation, we must CLOSE our border, we must fund OUR security and resources. We must support OUR people – not illegal immigrants, not infiltrators, not war! Congress, CLOSE the border NOW!
The border crisis is destroying us, it's destroying the so-called sanctuary cities, it's only aggravating our inflation, it is allowing for crime, drugs, degeneracy to take hold. And do you know who's not just complicit in this, but is also actively involved. Biden, his administration, Congress who fails to act or claims they are acting and continues to drag their feet, and their masters who are waging war on the American people. 
We are being attacked from all sides. In reality, this is all a part of the plan to destroy our great nation. They are waging war against us, they are bringing the tools which will facilitate bloodshed to our soil –  we must use our voice, we must tell Congress to close the border. 
Congress must close, secure, and reinstate the strong processes that ensured immigrants coming into the United States have good intentions, are free of criminal charges, and could help build this country to greatness! Close the damn border! The United States is a country of great promise, safety, and God-given rights! Let's keep it that way! Do not continue to bring the possibility of war to our shores, close the border!