STOP The INVASION - We Must CLOSE the Border!
The border crisis, or more aptly called the border invasion is getting out of hand, We the People and Congress MUST ACT NOW! We must use our voices as much as we can! This invasion, is a great threat to our nation that seeks to DESTROY what has made this country FREE and great! We must SECURE the BORDER! 
The border crisis continues to evolve, it's an issue that must be discussed over and over again until the root of the problem, the open border, is solved, or should I say secured. Since Biden assumed office, over 7 million illegal immigrants have crossed the US southern border. 
As I discussed last week, the border invasion carries many consequences. To summarize, an open border has enabled human trafficking, mainly women and children, to be easily enslaved and transported into the United States; over 85,000 unaccompanied minors are unaccounted for. In addition, we are seeing an increase in fentanyl on our streets, specifically ravaging our homeless population. And we are seeing an exponential increase in crime.  
On top of all this, Border Control and ICE have admitted that they “cannot always validate migrant addresses.” 
Now this week, it's been reported that Thousands of migrants continue to flood into Eagle Pass, Texas, after the Biden administration was filmed removing razor wire intended to deter illegal crossings.
The mayor of Eagle Pass has declared a state of emergency and is "pleading for help."
The New York Post reported that unlicensed migrants in unregistered cars turn NYC shelter neighborhoods into demolition derbies. 
And New York continues to be OVERWHELMED with immigrants by the bus. 
I could go on and on, the information on this does not stop. 
Last week I brought up Sun Tzu, the great Chinese war general. How he’d inflate countries currencies, without stepping foot on their land. 
We can check inflation off our list. 
In the Art of War, destabilizing a nation was one of the greatest forms of warcraft. Once a nation was weak and broken, it would bend to the opposition's will. 
The border invasion is destroying us, it's destroying the so-called sanctuary cities, it's only aggravating our inflation, it is allowing for crime, drugs, degeneracy to take hold. And do you know who's not just complicit in this, but is also actively involved. Biden, his administration, Congress who fails to act, and their masters who are waging war on the American people. 
We are being attacked from all sides. The invasion is intentional, calculated, and will only continue if we do not act –  we must use our voice. 
The open border that Biden continues to allow by removing razor wire intended to deter illegal crossings, is all a part of the plan to destroy our great nation, they are waging war against us. 
The border is riddled with crime, cartels, sex trafficking, slave labor, and drug trafficking, particularly fentanyl. And WE, with our open border, are welcoming this degeneracy into our country? We are allowing our country to become the very thing that so many immigrants are trying to flee from. I can't help but feel shame, disappointment, and fury. My heart truly aches for those who intended to come to this country for the American dream but are instead met with "sanctuary cities" that mirror the environments they were fleeing from. This is why we must CLOSE the BORDER!
Congress must close, secure, and reinstate the strong processes that ensured immigrants coming into the United States have good intentions, are free of criminal charges, and could help build this country to greatness! Close the damn border! The United States is a country of great promise, safety, and God-given rights! Let's keep it that way!