CHARGE and Impeach Mayorkas For High Crimes & Misdemeanors! Secure our Border!
It's become glaringly obvious that the flood of illegal immigrants, cartel activity (facilitated by our government) , human trafficking, and general incompetence and disregard towards the security of our nation is a result of the people in power in our government. One person in particular that stands out for actual high crimes and misdemeanors as a result of neglecting our border is incompetent Alejandro Mayorkas, who is currently facing impeachment by the House for his utter disregard towards national security. Congress needs to be reminded that they MUST continue to follow through with these impeachment proceedings. We, the people, unequivocally demand Mayorkas be removed from his post—impeach him!
Mayorkas has shown time and time again that he does not serve the people, nor will he execute his office's duties faithfully. Instead, during his tenure as Secretary of Homeland Security, he has repeatedly shown no concern for our nation's security. He would rather allow millions of undocumented illegal aliens to stream through our borders, leaving tens of thousands of women and children entirely unaccounted for, while drugs and other criminal activities and organizations further infect our nation, he has facilitated these crimes. He is plainly incompetent, corrupt, and a man who clearly holds animosity towards our nation and its people. He shows no concern whatsoever about our open border and has made no efforts to address the crises other than pointing fingers at those trying to solve the issue.
During the month of January the House sought an impeachment inquiry towards Mayorkas, and they have ultimately found that Mayorkas is eligible to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors for failing to execute the duties of his office. Chairman Green stated “We have a secretary [Mayorkas] who has; the law is very clear, "Shall Detain". It doesn't say, 'create policies to allow for people to be immediately released into the country', it says, "Shall Detain". And that was not done. In fact, systems were created to do just the opposite of that. That is a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act. It is actually wilful and systemic, and when courts rule you can't do that, he just repackaged it, and continued to do just that.”
As this impeachment inquiry commences, Congress must FOLLOW through with actually impeaching Mayorkas AND charging him to the fullest extent of the law. He FAILED to execute the duties of his office, he failed to ensure national security and activity acted against it, he must be charged and impeached!
Congress, you are well aware of the crises at the border. During the Biden administration, you have allowed millions of undocumented illegal aliens to flood through our border. Alongside Mayorkas, who should have been at the front lines advocating for policy change and border reform, you have neglected our national security for over three years. We, the people, expect that these impeachment proceedings actually lead to urgent change, not just temporary appeasement. Impeach and CHARGE Mayorkas with high crimes and misdemeanors, and close our damn border!