BREAKING: Biden’s Auctioning of Taxpayer-Funded Border Wall Materials
Biden, along with the rest of his border-resistant fools, declared that a border wall was not a serious immigration solution. And as part of his inaugural proclamation, Biden halted the wall's construction when taking office in January 2021.
This brings us to the infuriating issue at hand...
The wall was funded by your hard-earned taxpayer dollars – in fact, billions of dollars were allocated towards fortifying our border and ensuring our nation's safety. Additionally, millions of dollars were spent on acquiring equipment and materials for constructing and reinforcing the wall.
Because Biden so arrogantly declared the border unnecessary, abruptly terminated its construction, and essentially jeopardized our national security, up to $300 million worth of taxpayer-funded wall components have been left to corrode away in the desert.
But don't worry, dear readers! Biden and his apparent genius administration have devised a solution! – they've decided to auction off MILLIONS of dollars' worth of materials that were originally funded by your hard-earned money!
Now, who's in charge of selling off these parts on behalf of Biden and his cronies, you might ask? Enter GovPlanet, an online auction house specializing in military surplus, which has managed to sell 81 lots of steel "square structural tubes" – meant to serve as vertical bollards in the border barrier's 30-foot-tall panels – raking in approximately $2 million. It's truly mind-boggling!
As if that jaw-dropping figure weren't enough – there are an additional thirteen lots set to go up for auction on August 23rd and August 30th.
And what's even more ludicrous is that a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) spokesperson confirmed that the USACE has already disposed of around $154 million worth of the approximately $260 million worth of bollard panels and other materials, “in accordance with standard excess property disposition procedures.” 
So, once again, we're witnessing millions of dollars' worth of materials, funded by hardworking U.S. citizens' tax dollars, being discarded, auctioned off, and not utilized for their intended and promised purpose. It's an absolute mockery! Countless American citizens supported the border wall, voted to allocate their tax dollars towards its construction, and now it's all being carelessly thrown away! Absolutely unacceptable – Congress and Biden cannot evade responsibility – they must employ these materials for their originally intended purposes!
Thankfully, in response to Biden's negligence in securing the border, congressional Republicans have moved to impose restrictions on what the Biden administration can do with unused border wall materials through the Finish It Act. This legislation would mandate the federal government to either utilize the materials for wall construction or transfer them to state governments.
Biden and his utterly inept administration cannot be allowed to auction off essential equipment and materials meant for securing our nation's border. This is the people's hard-earned money we're talking about – these are YOUR materials, YOUR equipment that YOUR tax dollars funded, and their intended purpose must not be disregarded.