Biden Set To Automatically Legalize 500,000 Illegals?! 
Yesterday, Joe Biden announced a plan that would lift the threat of deportation for approximately 500,000 undocumented immigrants in the United States. This new program, celebrating the Obama-era 'Dreamers' directive, which offered deportation protections for young undocumented immigrants, will allow "roughly 490,000 spouses of U.S. citizens the opportunity to apply for a 'parole in place' program." This program would shield them from deportation and offer work permits if they have lived in the country for at least ten years.
This plan is flawed. Immigrants married to U.S. citizens already have the opportunity to fast-track their green card status. Those who have not taken advantage of that opportunity and have been here for over ten years are in violation of the law and should remain at risk of deportation. Congress must not allow this initiative to be implemented. Instead, they should address the actual crisis our nation is facing: the open southern border. Congress, close our border and punish those who are here illegally!
Undocumented immigrants who enter this country and are either married to U.S. citizens or have an immediate relative who is a U.S. citizen are eligible for a green card based on their family relationship, provided they meet certain criteria. Obtaining a green card is much easier for individuals with an immediate relationship to a U.S. citizen than just entering the United States and applying for citizenship. Therefore, any undocumented immigrant married to a U.S. citizen has no excuse not to have a green card or visa. Those without proper documentation are in violation of the law and should be at risk of deportation. Biden’s plan seeks to reverse this and shield undocumented spouses from deportation while fast-tracking their green card status, something already in place.
This plan does virtually nothing other than allowing individuals, who have had every opportunity to receive a green card due to their marital status, to avoid deportation despite being in violation of the law. The law states that if you are here illegally, you will face the consequences, which often include deportation.
This raises the question: What is this plan actually for? Why is it being implemented, and will it ultimately pave the way for amnesty for other undocumented immigrants? Knowing how the Biden administration is, one has to ask if Biden’s amnesty plan will be exploited and stretched to protect undocumented immigrants who have entered through the southern border and potentially saturate the voter rolls with more undocumented immigrants fast-tracked to citizenship. This seems like another maneuver for Biden to undermine our country and replace the American people.
"Protecting" married undocumented immigrants from deportation due to their negligence in not obtaining a green card will not help our nation address the crisis at the southern border. As stated above, the punishment for being in the United States illegally should always be deportation, regardless of the individual's relationship to a U.S. citizen. Maintaining this punishment across the board is necessary, which is why Biden’s plan must not be implemented.
Moreover, Congress should advocate for our borders to be completely closed and for the mass deportation of all individuals who are here illegally. Bills such as H.R.2 Secure the Border Act should be signed into law, and national security should be prioritized in all congressional gatherings. Congress must be made aware of the people's will. We do not accept Biden's mass amnesty plan for spouses of U.S. citizens. Anyone who is here illegally should face the consequences of their actions. Spouses of U.S. citizens have the opportunity to get their green cards easily; negligence in doing so must not be tolerated. Additionally, Congress must demand actual changes that will benefit the American people, like H.R.2 Secure the Border Act. It’s time to prioritize national security and put U.S. citizens first!