A WIN at the Border: Follow Judge Alia Moses LEAD and FORCE The Biden Admin to CLOSE the BORDER!
There has finally been a win at the Border! Let's hope this win sets the precedent for how judges, state officials, and the people can push back against Biden's open border agenda, and ensure that our nation is secure! Congress, state representatives, judges, and law enforcement must push back against Biden's open border agenda, we MUST close the border now! 
Yesterday, it was reported that a federal judge ruled in favor of the state's lawsuit to keep the Biden administration from cutting concertina wire the state has placed along the border.
The temporary restraining order signed on Monday by U.S. District Judge Alia Moses says the barrier can only be cut to provide aid during medical emergencies. 
Last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration and several other agencies and officials, claiming they assisted and encouraged illegal border crossings by cutting and removing fencing designed to mitigate illegal migration. 
The judge's order mentions only Texas' concertina wire fence, specifically Eagle Pass. 
Gov. Greg Abbott called the ruling "Another win for Texas" and the "historic border mission."
While a small win, this action sets the stage for more rulings in favor of border control, and securing our great nation! We need to see all of Congress advocating for these actions, and calling for the closing of our border! 
The border crisis continues to evolve, it's an issue that must be discussed over and over again until the root of the problem, the open border, is solved, or should I say secured. Since Biden assumed office, over 7 million illegal immigrants have crossed the US southern border. 
In September 2023 alone, at Least 260,000 Illegals Crossed Border. 
It has been reported that it's not just individuals from Mexico or South America coming in droves to our border, it is also individuals from Africa and the Middle East. 
Why is this a problem? Why should this ring the alarm bells of every American citizen? 
Our open border enables practically anyone to get into our country without the proper documentation; ICE has ADMITTED that they often lack the proper documentation from immigrants, are unable to verify addresses, and are unable to track individuals who have come through. 
Who KNOWS who is coming into our country? 
And on top of all that, many illegal immigrants are being granted hotels, reloadable credit cards issued by the government, resources that not even the average struggling American CITIZEN can easily access. 
There are concerns that terrorists, receiving resources from our Government, invited into this country, could attack American citizens. This MUST end! 
In times of war, whether the United States is involved or not, we must secure OUR nation, we must CLOSE our border, we must fund OUR security and resources, we must support OUR people – not illegal immigrants, not infiltrators, not war! Congress CLOSE the border NOW!
Congress must close, secure, and reinstate the strong processes that ensured immigrants coming into the United States have good intentions, are free of criminal charges, and could help build this country to greatness!