ACTION NEEDED: Withdrawal from the UN and WHO - The People WILL NOT COMPLY!
Readers, the topic of withdrawal from the UN and WHO is an important one, because it directly ties into their involvement with the upcoming attempt at a new plandemic, and therefore, the stripping of individual liberties through the WHO’s pandemic treaty. 
As a recap, over a month ago, news broke about the UN and WHO conjuring up a Pandemic treaty, which is nothing but a veiled attempt by the WHO to wield unchecked authority over countries during times of crisis. The treaty outlines WHO's recommendations for countries aligned with the UN during global pandemics, touching on response strategies, prevention tactics, and readiness measures.
We can all see where this is going… This treaty realistically is just a way for WHO to overstep its bounds during times of their own engineered plandemics, and control those in the UN. 
What I find most absurd about this treaty is that the United States REALLY should never entrust a health authority with the power to dictate our nation's actions in times of turmoil. It is the right, and only the right of the American citizens, to decide how we handle global pandemics, as aligned with our Constitution.
Now, to the developing issue at hand. We are at the precipice of another global pandemic. As reported by the totally innocent WHO and CDC, COVID cases are supposedly rising exponentially, leading to an increase in hospitalizations, causing very intentional media hysteria. 
Due to this, we are seeing establishments like schools and businesses going on “week quarantines”, mandates being reinforced, and lockdowns in the air. The same old charade as last time. 
Well, fear not my dear readers because the UN and WHO will save us from this new COVID variant, by first and foremost, releasing their brand-new booster shot! And get this, they managed to develop and hopefully release these jabs in a few short weeks! Totally safe and totally not suspicious! 
Secondly, the WHO will protect us with, once ratified, its Plandemic Treaty. And hypothetically, if we were in the middle of another one of their engineered pandemics *hint hint,* this treaty would give them the unchecked authority to decide how our country should respond to said pandemic. 
It's like they think we’re stupid. Well, newsflash, we’re not, and we are going to keep demanding that the United States leave the UN and kick WHO to the curb. Congress we will not comply with another engineered pandemic, we will not comply with the WHO, we just won't. We won't wear your masks, we won't follow your mandates, we will not allow our children to be forced from school, we will not allow corporations to cry social distancing, we won't lock down in place out of fear of a COLD, WE WILL NOT COMPLY. 
This brings us to the crux of the matter – as we've already voiced, it's high time to sever ties with the UN, to disavow the WHO. Their intentions are far from noble; corruption courses through their veins, they're hell-bent on enslaving us.
We must take a stand! We must scream from the rooftops, “NO!” We must extricate ourselves from this cesspool of corruption, and the first step is rejecting the WHO and bidding farewell to the UN! 
Our elected officials, who sit at these UN summits, who have failed us and our liberties by reimposing mandates, must represent us! They must work towards freeing the United States from the UN and killing any ties to WHO and its idiot pandemic treaty.